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Toy Sighting Recap: New Legacy Collection, Primal Attack & 2020 Minis

By January 17, 2020News

New Mattel Jurassic World toys continue to saturate the market as the latest Primal Attack releases find their way onto more store shelves in our latest toy sighting recap. We’re also treated to a new wave of Mini Dinosaurs including a new “metallic” version to track down, plus a surprise 2020 Legacy Collection surfaces that asks more questions than it answers. Read on for more Jurassic toy goodness!


Primal Attack Savage Strike, Massive Biters and More Hit Target, Walmart & More

While we’re barely a month into a new year of Mattel’s latest Jurassic World toyline, it seems many stores here in the US are already carrying Primal Attack figures in impressive quantities. Target and Walmart are leading the pack, with sightings of the full Sound Strike assortment at both stores. The Massive Biter figures and Control ‘n Conquer Carnotaurus are also showing up in most Target stores, along with a surprise Primal Attack re-package of last year’s popular Destroy ‘n Devour Indominus Rex. We can also confirm that the regional retailer Meijer will also be carrying the Carnotaurus as well as the 2020 redeco of the Extreme Chompin’ Rex. Missing still is the newest Savage Strike wave, however this is most likely due to most stores still being saddled with shelffuls of last year’s Dino Rivals Savage Strike figures. All the same, the fact that this many new releases have already simultaneously found their way into stores nationwide (especially this early in the year) is a good sign for domestic distribution in 2020. Image Credit: @jurassic_collector and Suba G. via Paddock 9 Collecting


New 2020 Mini Dinos Found At Target, Including Metallic Spinosaurus

Mattel’s ultra-collectable Mini Dinos will indeed continue with new waves in 2020, complete with Primal Attack branding on every blind bag. While we’ve already been teased with a peek at some of these upcoming releases, we now know the first wave will include several repainted molds including a a metallic version fo the franchise favorite Spinosaurus. It remains to be seen if this year will bring all-new molds, not just repaints, to the Mini Dino assortment. At the very least, popular minis like Brachiosaurus, Carnotaurus and more will be making a repainted return. And yes, we have the code for that Spinosaurus: 3029SD24. Happy hunting! Image Credit: @prehistoric_mole and Bruce via Paddock 9 Collecting


12-Inch “Basic” Spinosaurus and Proceratosaurus Figures Now on Amazon

It seems for most of their existence, these 12-inch Jurassic World Basic figures from Mattel have flown under the radar or most collectors. However these latest releases will undoubtedly change that, as the much-coveted Spinosaurus (complete with it’s Legacy Collection paint deco) has now been added to this roster of budget-friendly dinosaurs. Joining it is Proceratosaurus, itself a repaint of an earlier 12-inch version. These larger, less-articulated figures haven’t always been the most exciting toys to come out of Mattel, but popular designs like Spinosaurus have got us excited for the future of the 12-inch line. Both figures are now available for under $10 on Amazon at the links below:

Jurassic World Basic Value Spinosaurus

Jurassic World Basic Value Proceratosaurus


New Legacy Collection-branded Masks Found in Meijer Stores

Our last toy sighting is by far one of the more curious developments in Jurassic collecting as of late. We stumbled across these Jurassic World Legacy Collection Masks in a Meijer store outside of Chicago and were immediately intrigued by the hybrid Primal Attack / Legacy Collection packaging design and recolored renders of Rexy and Blue. Before we dive into that interesting artwork, let’s first talk about Legacy Collection’s previously limited availability.

Here in the US, Mattel’s Legacy Collection is supposed to be a Target-exclusive toyline. At least it was last time we checked, so finding these masks in another store may be a sign of that exclusivity ending. Of course there’s always the possibility that the masks are some sort of one-off release or fluke, and this specific release doesn’t technically break the rules of whatever agreement Target maintains with Mattel over the Legacy Collection. Either way, it’s a notable departure from the usually rigid exclusivity deals we’ve seen with Jurassic World toys since Mattel took the reins.

Now, back to that packaging design. The combination of both the Legacy Collection logo and the 2020 Primal Attack artwork indicates that these masks are indeed new releases and not holdouts from a previous year. Furthermore, that means Mattel is still deliberately creating new Legacy Collection branding for 2020, even when there are no mainline action figure releases that we’re aware of. Developing this artwork seems like a lot of trouble to go through for a few masks, so is more Legacy Collection on the way? And will it remain exclusive to Target? Stay tuned to Collect Jurassic for more updates on the future of Mattel’s Legacy Collection.

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  • Anonymous says:

    The stegosaurus (green variant) bag code is 3410SD03N. I just go tit yesterday. Hope it helps!

  • Anonymous says:

    what is the full number code for metallic bull t rex?

  • Earl says:

    D23 Postoauchus
    D16 Stigmolich

  • dishmouse says:

    Mini Dino Brachiosaurus code is D22! (new wave, black bag with velociraptor on it)

  • dishmouse says:

    Ceratosaurus is D20!
    (I will confirm others when we open them)

    • Anonymous says:

      what is the full code for the cerato? I really need a ceratosaurus.

    • tc says:

      Found the codes for all in this set. Will share codes for other wave if needed.

      Code for Wave 9:
      24 – Spinosaurus
      19 – pteranodon
      21 – parasaurolophus
      18 – dilophosaurus
      17 – Stegosaurus
      6 – Metriacanthosaurus
      15 – Triceratops
      22 – brachiosaurus
      20 ceratosaurus
      8 velociraptor blue
      23 postosuchus
      16 stygimoloch
      14 indoraptor

      Hope it helps 🙂

  • Gustave says:

    Until Mattel brings humans and vehicles back to the toy line my excitement for anything being released is next to zero. Too many dinosaurs, the Legacy Collection has been handled poorly- I was looking forward to more characters from all the movies but we got screwed over in that category. Mattel obviously doesn’t understand the franchise they now hold in their hands and it’s disappointing.