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Sound Strike Cryolophosaurus & More 4K Review

By December 22, 2019Review

We’re back with part two in our review series of the all-new Jurassic World Primal Attack toys, where we’ll be taking our next in-depth look at Sound Strike Cryolophosaurus, Pteranodon, and Triceratops figures. In case you missed it, Collect Jurassic previously reviewed both the Massive Biter Sarcosuchus and Tarbosaurus toys from Mattel’s latest Jurassic toyline. While that assortment impressed us with its fresh sculpts of new prehistoric species, these Sound Strike figures include a mix of retooled releases and one all-new dinosaur. However, the signature Primal Attack action feature breathes plenty of new life into “old” figures in this case, as you’ll see in the video above.

The Cryolophosaurus definitely steals the show with its vibrant paint scheme and unique anatomical features, even if at first it appears a little over-stylized. A closer look reveals realistic details like skin folds and individually molded scales that easily redeem its more cartoony aesthetic. The Sound Strike versions of Pteranodon and Triceratops each sport remarkably fresh paint decos in additional to the previously mentioned new action features. If you noticed Sound Strike Edmontosaurus is missing from this lineup, stay tuned for its Wave 2 release in early 2020.

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  • KingGojira54 says:

    Cryolophosaurus is cool…literally. The real animal originally lived in Antarctica during the Jurassic Period and was nicknamed Elvisaurus for the pompadour-like head crest it sported. Interesting, huh?