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Massive Biter Sarcosuchus & Tarbosaurus 4K Review

By December 19, 2019Review

New Jurassic World Primal Attack toys are now hitting in full force! After several Attack Pack and Savage Strike releases trickled out in November, collectors have anxiously been awaiting the more anticipated assortments like the Massive Biter and Sound Strike figures ⁠⁠— and now they’re here! There’s actually so many new toys to review that we’re splitting this up into a two-part series with this first review focusing on both the Massive Biter Sarcosuchus and Tarbosaurus.

Since their initial reveal, these all-new Jurassic species have become some of the most coveted figures out of the entire 2020 Primal Attack roster. Needless today, we wasted no time getting to our review after the toys began to ship from Entertaintment Earth. Stylized designs, excellent sculpt detail, and simple yet effective paint decos make Sarcosuchus and Tarbosaurus some of the most exciting Primal Attack toys to date. Watch our full 4K unboxing and review in the video above!

Next up: Sound Strike Cryolophosaurus, Triceratops and Pteranadon. Part 2 of new Primal Attack toy reviews goes live later this week! If you haven’t already, don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel and enable notifications for the next video premier.