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New 2020 Primal Attack Toy Showcase & Review

By November 19, 2019December 1st, 2019Review

They’re here! Mattel’s all-new Jurassic World Primal Attack toys are starting to arrive on store shelves, and we’ve gathered up all of the latest releases for the 2020 toyline’s debut review here on Collect Jurassic. With the year drawing to a close, its time to say farewell to Mattel’s Dino Rivals assortment and hello to the next exciting era in Jurassic collecting. The first new figures out the gate are a refreshed Extreme Chompin’ Tyrannosaurus Rex as well as the first wave of Attack Pack dinosaurs: Callovosaurus, Herrerasaurus, Ornitholestes and Stygimoloch. Releasing repaints and repacks mixed in with brand-new toys seems to be Mattel’s strategy to keep the toyline alive and thriving until the release of the next film, and we’re happy to oblige collecting so long as we continue to see fresh faces like the Callovosaurus or much-requested paint decos like this newest T-Rex.

Watch our full Primal Attack unboxing and review in the video above, which like all Collect Jurassic in-depth reviews is presented in ultra-HD 4k resolution. Featuring each figure in crystal-clear detail both in and out of it’s packaging, we’ll also take you through every dinosaur’s key features and our overall thoughts on paint, sculpt, and more. We’re just getting started with Mattel’s Primal Attack releases, so be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel for more unboxing and reviews heading into 2020. As always, stay updated on the latest Jurassic toy and collectible release news on or over on our InstragramTwitter and Facebook pages.

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