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Watch Our Mattel Dino Rivals Press Kit Unboxing in 4K

By December 23, 2018December 24th, 2018Review

Our first Video Feature is now live on our YouTube channel, featuring Collect Jurassic’s rarest acquisition yet! Mattel sent us our very own Jurassic World Dino Rivals press kit, containing an enticing preview of the new toyline including the Savage Strike Monolophosaurus and Dual Attack Triceratops. In the video we take a look at at each figure as well as showcase the impressive box that Mattel custom designed for each press kit.

Once you’ve watched the video, head over to Britt Shotts’s Instagram (Mattel’s Marketing Manager for Jurassic World) where she has posted some behind-the-scenes photos of what went into the creation of this incredible piece. And don’t forget that the figures featured in the video as well as rest of the entire first wave of Dino Rivals figures can be pre-ordered via Entertainment Earth right now, just see our recent post for details.

Presented in glorious 4K resolution, our YouTube debut will be the first of many planned Video Features so be sure to subscribe to our channel and let us know what kind of video content you want to see next.