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Pre-Order New Dino Rivals, Parasaurolophus & More

By December 7, 2018August 14th, 2019News

Entertainment Earth added pre-order pages for the remaining first wave of Mattel Dino Rivals figures. These figures will ship in their original case packs, which for mint-in-package collectors is excellent news. Case packs of the Dual Attack, Mega Dual Attack, Savage Strike and Story Pack assortments are all available for pre-order with an expected shipping date of February 2019, see the links below.

Jurassic World Dual Attack Action Figure Case
Dual Attack Case Pack

Includes 1x Triceratops | 1x Parasaurolophus | 1x Concavenator

Jurassic World Mega Dual Attack Action Figure Case
Mega Dual Attack Case Pack

Includes 1x Stegosaurus | 1x Suchomimus

Jurassic World Savage Strike Case
Savage Strike Attack Case Pack

Includes 1x Monolophosaurus | 1x Styrocosaurus | 2x Blue | 2x Stygimoloch

Jurassic World Deluxe Storypack Action Figure Case
Deluxe Story Pack Action Figure with Vehicle Case Pack

Includes 2x Off-Road Tracker ATV & Dracorex

Jurassic World Bite 'n Fight T-Rex Action Figure
Bite ‘n Fight T-Rex Action Figure

Includes 1 T-Rex

For the uninitiated, the case pack is the original box of toys that Mattel ships directly to departments stores and websites like Entertainment Earth.  Stores will then open this box and put the items inside on the shelf, whereas Entertainment Earth actually ships the box directly to the customer within another shipping box. This means the toy packaging inside will be in about as mint condition as it can get for the discerning in-package collector.