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Jurassic World Primal Attack Collection Full Reveal

By September 16, 2019News

It’s like San Diego Comic Con and New York Toy Fair combined! Last week we kicked things off with co-collaborator Jurassic Outpost to bring the community a fresh look at Mattel’s 6-inch Amber Collection toyline. Today we’re back with a plethora of great reveals coming from our friends at Mattel – and all set to join the recently revealed Jurassic World Primal Attack line that we got a sneak-peek of last month. Join us on a deep-dive into into dozens of new toy images which showcase nearly all of the new Jurassic dinosaurs headed our way later this year and well into 2020 as part of the Primal Attack toyline.


Attack Packs

Looking at the images we have from our friends at Mattel, we can see that seven dinosaurs will form the bulk of the first wave of the 2020 line-up – with many being repaints or repackages of moulds we have seen before. It is worth noting that, at this early stage, the repackages could be stand ins for additional new moulds, but it is entirely possible that Mattel end up carrying over some dinosaurs into the 2020 assortment. If these dinosaurs do end up carrying over, then we will see the original version of the Protoceratops, and the more recent green Herrerasaurus releasing in the 2020 assortment.

Some of the repaints here are exciting – with Minmi, Rhamphorhynchus and Dracorex all receiving the repaint treatment. I really like the earthy green tones chosen for the Dracorex here, and I also think that the reddish Minmi will be a hit, providing nice contrast against the more yellow-ish version we received in the original line. I do think, however, that a repaint of the Rhamphorhynchus may not be a massive hit with fans, given that this figure is incredibly small when compared to other dinosaurs. I would certainly be interested to see if Mattel package anything else in with this character – or if it comes on its own like last time. Lastly, but my no means least, we have two brand new dinosaurs to join the ever-expanding roster of Jurassic World dinosaurs. These are a brand-new theropod, and a brand-new quadruped, which I believe is a Hadrosaur. Whilst I am unsure of what dinosaurs these are, they have some unique patterns on them which look fantastic, and I am excited to add them to my collection.


Savage Strike

It also looks like the 2020 assortment is set to be just as Savage as the 2019 line-up – with a host of new dinosaurs joining the Savage Strike line-up, in addition to two repaints and two re-packages. Carrying over from 2019, we have the jumping mould version of Velociraptor Blue, and the gorgeous Tapejara, which was hard to acquire the first time and so is a great dinosaur to bring back to the assortment this time around. Alongside these great packages, we have a fantastic repaint of the Pachycephalosaurus, which is arguably my favourite repaint of this dinosaur we have seen to date, and a great repaint of the Velociraptor – including some fantastic darker patterns, and some great articulation. All together, these characters look fantastic – but the two new additions here are most exciting.

The first new dinosaur is a beautiful new addition to the Ankylosaurid family – the Sauropelta. This beautiful dinosaur appears in Jurassic World Evolution, and has some unique extrusions which stick out from its back which help to provide a unique identity for this dinosaur. The smaller scale Ankylosaurid is exciting too, as I am eager to see how this dino will compare size wise to the Ankylosaurus. The second is some form of pre-historic Crocodilian which is very like the modern-day crocodiles we see, but with longer legs. This is incredibly exciting as I think this adds some real unique and diverse value to the line – providing us with exciting new animals with unique identities which really help to grow and expand the Jurassic universe.


Battle Damage

Despite the arguably botched-at-times distribution of the Battle-Damaged line in 2019, they will be making a resurgence in the 2020 Primal Attack line. We have a re-release of the Stygimoloch, in the same film-accurate colours we have seen for all the Stygimoloch we have seen since the film’s release. Alongside Stiggy, we have a lovely repaint of the Trike Mould in yellow, with some gorgeous red highlights which look great. We also have a nice grey Velociraptor with Black highlights – and this is a figure which I think will be really popular as it is one of the most unique Raptor variants that we have received yet. Lastly, we have a brand-new Theropod which I don’t want to name, but which looks like many Tyrannosaurids. I am excited to learn what this dinosaur is, but in the meantime, we welcome all your speculation below!


Sound Strike

Next, we have some of the exciting new dinosaurs which will be introduced in the Sound Strike line – and there are some exciting re-tools here, alongside some brand-new dinosaurs which are sure to be popular with Jurassic fans. In terms of re-tools, up first we have a brand-new version of the Pteranodon. This figure comes in a lime green and brown colour scheme – something which almost looks as though it is camouflaged thanks to the great colour scheme. This version looks very like the Dual-Strike mould we have seen for the Pteranodon in the past, although the cracks on the end of the wings are brand new, and they have me interested as to their functionality. The second ‘retool’ we have is a brand-new version of the Triceratops, which feels a little bit like the original Wave One Roarivores Triceratops, albeit it with darker colours. The two colours used prominently here are light brown and dark brown, and this dinosaur looks very like its dual-feature counterpart from 2019. Whilst this is not a repaint I am particularly fond off, I can see this being popular with fans who have enjoyed some of the darker colour schemes we have seen, like the Bite ‘N’ Fight Tyrannosaurus Rex which we saw in this year’s assortment.

Next up we have a brand new herbivorous Hadrosaur, and one which I am very excited about as this is a dinosaur which you receive very early in the Jurassic World Evolution storyline. I am also fond of this dinosaur as there is a fantastic, still partially-buried fossil of it in London’s Natural History Museum, which is one of my favourite museums in the country. This Dinosaur is, of course, the beautiful and tranquil Edmontosaurus – and I ADORE the colour scheme which Mattel have chosen here. The light brown merges beautifully with the black colour here, and I love the way the merging stripe leading down to the arm has been achieved – managing to look flush and natural in the design of the creature. The blue and yellow paint on the figure’s head also looks fantastic too – adding some nice, visually distinguishable details to this character which make it stand out against the other dinosaurs in the line. I would argue that this dinosaur is most comparable to the Parasaurolophus we already have – so I am excited to see how the two stack up side-by-side in our displays!

Lastly, but certainly not least, we have another BRAND NEW carnivorous Theropod joining the 2019 Dinosaur line-up, and this is the highly popular and beautiful Cryolophosaurus, and this is another new addition to the line which looks phenomenal. The shaping on the head looks nice and unique compared to anything else we have seen in the line thus far – with the level of curvature most comparable to the Metriacanthosaurus. The sculpt all throughout the figure looks wonderfully detailed, with the crest being incredibly prominent and eye-catching. The choice of a red colour for that red also works well, contrasting with the darker patterns and the yellow of the body. I believe this may be the same colour as the Dual Attack Suchomimus, which would be an incredibly welcome colour as I feel as though it would look great on this dinosaur. All said, the Cryolophosaurus is a beautiful figure, and is one which I think all fans will be hungry to add to their collections when it hits store shelves in early 2020.


Extreme Chompin Rex

Lastly, we have a new look at the Extreme ‘Chompin Rex – a repaint of the Legacy Mould which looks to mimic the mould of the beautiful Bite ‘N’ Fight figure we received this year. This is one I love, and am very excited for.


Massive Biters

Up next for the Massive Bitters line, we have a slightly better look at the Tarbosaurus – which we have covered previously here on Collect Jurassic. The Tarbosaurus looks beautiful in these new photographs. I love how the black patterning which adorns the creature’s back continue onto the animal’s thigh nicely here, and I also love how it looks like there will be lots of black details to bring some more of the details out on this Tyrannosaurid’s face. The red colour on this figure still looks great here too, adding a unique new style to this dinosaur which we haven’t seen before, and which I feel will really stand out in any display. All things considered, this is a dinosaur which I am really excited to review when it drops alongside the first wave of toys in 2020.

However, the Tarbosaurus is not the most exciting Massive Biter for me, as we finally have a look at the stunning Sarcosuchus, and WOW does this dinosaur look beautiful! Mattel’s designers have completely nailed this animal, producing a creature which feels prehistoric whilst still capturing all the key beats of a crocodilian reptile. I absolutely adore the level of texture that we have on this character here, with so many different textures incorporated in the character from scales to the protrusions on the back which then continue down through the tail. The snout also looks fantastic here – capturing perfectly the unique design of the Sarcosuchus and providing Jurassic fans with a unique new addition to their collections. This is a product which I am confident is going to be a hit, and it is great to see Mattel continuing to add unique new creatures to the line, beyond just our traditional dinosaurs.


Control & Conquer Carnotaurus

Now we have already seen this toy in play in a video which Mattel showed at their booth during their San Diego Comic Con presentation (if you missed it – check out our roundup, found here), and it is safe to say that this is an exciting looking rendition of the Carnotaurus. Whilst that first video showed the similarities between this figure and 2018’s Action Attack Carnotaurus figure, it is safe to say that this toy is looking pretty different. The new figure looks to have a much more earth-like colour to it – not too dis-similar from the repaint of the Ceratosaurus which we saw debut in the 2019 Roarivores assortment. I personally really like this, as I think the dirtier, more naturalistic colours really suit the dinosaur. Whilst the original colours were already relatively muted, these go a step further to really help to make this figure look great. I also love the choice of the light grey for the figure’s underbelly, as this really helps to create a character which looks fantastic. I will be interested to see how this lives up to the Action Attack variant – as it certainly looks like there may be some re-tools and reuses here, although we believe that at least some of the figure will be new.


Overall, our whole Collect Jurassic team are incredibly excited for how epic 2020 is shaping up to be! With Camp Cretaceous on the horizon, I am sure we will see a plethora of great products from our friends at Mattel – with lots of great surprises still to come!

With that all said, we want to hand it over to you. What dinosaur do you want to see join the line the most in 2020? Let us know in the comments below, and stay tuned here on Collect Jurassic for the latest collecting news as soon as we get it!

Join the discussion 25 Comments

  • Johan says:

    En los atack pack hubieran añadido a blue por que la blue saltarina es horrible por sus pies grandes a charlie tambien lo hubieran añadido

  • John says:

    Still hunting for this Edmontosaurus, but gotta say… a release with the JPOG coloration someday would be a real treat. I’d love to see Mattel do some homages to that classic and I think the Edmonto design was one of the most striking there. This isn’t to complain about the wonderful JWE/JW concept-based design here.

  • glenn says:

    OH SHIT I can’t wait for the gasosaurs to come out in websites also I LOVEEEEEEEEEEEEEE the

  • Albert says:

    Ah, Cryolophosaurus Is Cool! #coldcrestedlizard

  • Anonymous says:

    I would like Mattel to make a nigersaurus and an epidexipteryx

  • LK says:

    Hang on, that crested ‘hadrosaur’ is not an Edmontosaurus. Looks like a Corythosaurus.

  • SpinoRaptor says:

    I really hope Mattel makes a dinosaur figure of Troodon in 2020 that is based on the animal’s appearance in Jurassic Park: The Game. That would be a really awesome-looking character! I would also like to see the appearance of an Apatosaurus figure to go alongside the Legacy Collection Brachiosaurus figure.

    • Erik says:

      The Troodons would be awesome to see. Maybe even 2-pack, one being the creepy-looking one from the Telltale game and the other being the more realistic one from JWE. The Tylosaurus from the Telltale game is definitely a must down the line, too. Fingers crossed for an Apatosaurus too, and also a TLW Mamenchisaurus to accompany the other Sauropods.

      • SpinoRaptor says:

        Oh yeah, I forgot about Mamenchisaurus. Also, what about the possibility of a figure of the duck-billed dinosaur Corythosaurus the way it appeared in Jurassic Park 3?

  • Genozoic says:

    My dinosaur wishlist is now fairly simple due to the over abundance of many dinosaur species (I love how many Dilophosaurs there are!). I would love to see more Coelurus and dual packs of several smaller species such as Troodon. A package of compsognathus in various hues of green would be spectacular!

    That said I still would love to see more human figures and, in Kenner fashion, accompanying an obviously young dinosaur (no minifig adults!). We’re still missing various characters, especially Lex and Tim Murphy who’s absence seems ludicrous in a toy line aimed at kids. If Mattel is ever worried if a human will sell, they just need to accompany it with an impressive young dinosaur.

    I would also love to see Story packs geared around the park, featuring various staff or ACU tending to a dinosaur with some form of capture gear. A great example of how this could be done is the BD Baryonyx with Owen Clone #8(?) pack.

    Final two things on my wishlist… the Jungle Explorer and PLAYSETS! It still amazes me we’ve only had the limited release of the Lava Surge Playset and that was it. Think Main Street Jurassic World shops with Battle Damage scenic features or at the very least fencing to keep our dinosaurs in a park. This would be awesome! The pinnacle of the Kenner Jurassic Park Command Compound has yet to be even challenged.

    Thanks all for reading my wishlist/rant!

  • Zeph says:

    Isn’t that mystery battle damage dinosaur the prototype sculpt for the Metriacanthosaurus before it got released last year, but with a new paint scheme.

  • Gustave says:

    Good lord these have some of the ugliest paint schemes i’ve ever seen. Definitely don’t care about over half of them, Mattel seems to be trying to kill the line with this junk. If their target demographic is ‘boys toys’ then they’re clueless to a glaring fact- dinosaur fights can get old. They NEED to add vehicles and humans to create a wider range of play with more chances to imagine adventures or else the line will die.
    Btw the crocodilian is a Postosuchus.

    • Tom Jurassic says:

      Cheers for the headsup, Gustave. There are some cool new sculpts here, but I agree – vehicles and humans add A LOT more play value to the overall lineup.

  • Gooper Blooper says:

    The blue four-legged carnivore in the Savage Strike line has gotta be Postosuchus! It already got a mini way back in the third wave of Mini Action Dinos, so it was an overdue graduate to the main line. It’s the right size, too.

    Honestly, I have to say the Battle Damage 2019 line HAS been botched and it’s not arguable. They simply aren’t for sale in the US, full stop. That’s a botch, no argument. The yellow Pteranodon and blue Plesiosaurus were very briefly available on Walmart’s website, but that is it – not a single in-store sighting, and no online presence for the Herrera/Procerato/Monolopho wave either. They could easily make up for it in the future – perhaps like the Brachiosaurus they’re just waiting an unsettlingly long time between the international release and the US release, for reasons I cannot fathom, but the radio silence is discouraging considering previous missteps. Walmart’s been better than Target at keeping their exclusives in stock so I’m thinking Mattel isn’t making enough of them.

    One thing I’ve been curious about for a while is how Sarcosuchus is going to be packaged. We don’t see many figures with proportions like this and if they used the same box as Tarbo, we wind up with either a Sarco extending off the sides of the box, a hilariously undersized and overpriced Sarco, or a Sarco in pieces (and they have never divided a figure into pieces that uses those pieces for its’ action feature before, due to the inner mechanics of the toy).

    Still no confirmation one way or the other for if the trading cards will be back, I see. When we get a packaged shot of the Attack Packs or a look at the back of the packaging for one of the non-Attack Pack toys, then we’ll know.

    All in all, looks like a pretty solid lineup, especially considering we’re about a year and a half removed from Fallen Kingdom. If this stuff is made available for sale at Amazon, I’ll most likely get just about everything!

    • Tom Jurassic says:

      Ah Postosuchus! Thanks so much for the headsup my friend.

      I certainly agree the release has been botched. It’s a shame. The BD line introduces some of the coolest dinosaurs with really fun and practical features which all fans would love, so I hope steps are taken in 2019 to make them more widely available.

      Interesting observations from the Sarco. I am also interested to see how that figure ends up releasing.

  • Erik says:

    Very cool, can’t wait to pick these all up. I’m excited for most of them but the ones for me that are the standouts are the new T-Rex (due to the nearly perfect movie-accurate color scheme) and the Edmontosaurus, which adds nice variety to the assortment of herbivores. But I will definitely acquire these all and hope Mattel takes their time to release them to allow ample time to save up the cash.

    Now if only we’d get more humans and vehicles to add much-needed variety with the dinosaurs, and not just the same Owen re-packs, either. Maybe they’re planned for later on. Really wish Mattel would release an assortment of ACU personnel.

    • Anonymous says:

      Io credo che il Sarcosuchus sia magnifico.
      Lo aggiungerò alla mia collezione.
      Secondo me il Tyrannosairide della Batte D’amare è un DASPLETOSAURUS

    • Anonymous says:

      Thanks for the support as always Erik – really appreciate you continuing to interact with all our content!

    • Tom Jurassic says:

      Thanks for the support as always Erik – really appreciate you continuing to interact with all our content!

      I would LOVE to see more ACU personnel. I hope that we get more playsets like the Baryonyx Breakout, but with generic humans, as that would be the perfect way to do it!

      • Erik says:

        Thank you, it’s my pleasure to do so as always.

        I’d love to see a line-up consisting entirely of human ACU personnel or even mercenaries. A throwback to the Dino-Trackers and Evil Raiders from JP Series 2 during the Kenner days would be awesome to see. We have so many cool dinosaurs and other assorted prehistoric life, but more humans and vehicles are badly needed to add some variety. Playsets, too. Maybe we can expect it for a later 2020 release, or even as part of the toyline for the next movie? Which I’d imagine will be in the early stages of production next year given that that’s when the movie will also likely begin filming.

      • I think the Unknown Theropod from the battle damage line is the Metriacanthosaurus.