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Camper Story Packs Review: Unboxing Brooklyn & Sammy

By December 6, 2021Review

The camp crew is finally complete! Toy versions of Brooklyn and Sammy, the final characters missing from Mattel’s Jurassic Camp Cretaceous lineup, have finally arrived alongside some new dino friends. In our latest unboxing and review, we’ll be opening this pair of just-released Camper Story Packs and providing an ultra-detailed look at each figure inside. Aside from the new campers, highlights include an exotic-colored Velociraptor and some new Compsognathus colorways to go along with it. Watch the video above for our complete impressions of each new Story Pack, including comparisons to the previously released Camp Cretaceous characters.

Where to Buy

Brooklyn & Monolophosaurus Camper Pack – Entertainment Earth | Amazon
Sammy & Velociraptor Camper Pack – Entertainment Earth | Amazon

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