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Fierce Force Review: Tanystropheus, Masiakasaurus + More

By December 8, 2021Review

Park rangers, prepare for new assets! The latest wave of Dino Escape Fierce Force dinosaurs are here, and we’ve got the complete set ready to unbox and review. The all-new Tanystropheus figure is certainly the highlight here, but delightful re-decos of Masiakasaurus and Styracosaurus make for excellent additions to Mattel’s growing Jurassic World toyline. Rounding out the herd is Monolophosaurus — the 4th version of this species released in the past year alone! Is it vying to replace Velociraptor in terms of most produced figure? Watch the full video above for our in-depth review of each Fierce Force dino, including action-feature demos and comparisons to other Mattel Jurassic toys.

Where to Buy

Tanystrpheus – Target | Amazon*
Styracosaurus – Target | Amazon*
Monolophosaurus – Target | Amazon*
Masiakasaurus (V2) – Target | Amazon*
Wave 3 (Includes 6 figures total) – Entertainment Earth

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  • Francisco Calvo says:

    Do you know if these figures, along with the Shringasaurus or Rhamphorhynchus will eventually be available to be bought at the Target online store? I live outside the US so its impossible for me to check the physical stores. But the online store says they can’t be shipped. And the prices on ebay are 3 times higher. It says they are “pre-order” available? Are figures like these eventually avalaible in the online store? Im just worried bc I remember I was able to buy the Ouranosaurus at 16 dollars before it doubled in price. I wanna be able to get these figures, but I don’t want to end up paying double ir triple plus the shipping to my country 🙁