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Jurassic Park X TRANSFORMERS Review: More Than Meets The Eye

By November 24, 2021December 4th, 2021Review

Dino-bots, roll out! The ultimate toy crossover has arrived from Hasbro — Transformers Collaborative: Jurassic Park Mash-Up Tyrannocon Rex & Autobot JP93. This incredible boxed set has to be seen to be believed, so come along as we unbox, transform and review these unique Jurassic toys. Presented in crystal-clear 4K, we’ll go over the amazing packaging details before checking out the figures inside, both in their Jurassic Park disguises and Autobot / Decepticon forms. The nearly perfect Ford Explorer is especially impressive, considering it also transforms into a full-blown humanoid! Watch the complete unboxing and review now in the video above!

Where to Buy

Transformers Collaborative: Jurassic Park Mash-Up, Tyrannocon Rex & Autobot JP93
Amazon | Hasbro Pulse

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  • I have an unrelated question.
    Is the Jurassic park cyclops raptor rare? I mean I know it’s not that common, but I have a cyclops raptor with a rare pattern.
    It has a black top, tan underbelly and sidebelly, a blue stripe going from its eyes to in front of its legs, and red eyes. The link here send you directly to a seller selling this, not me. I was just wondering because I don’t want it, and I thought I could make a few bucks selling it.