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Walmart-Exclusive Metriacanthosaurus Unboxing & Review

By October 28, 2021November 22nd, 2021Review

Mattel’s 2021 Dino Escape toyline has already brought plenty of exciting Jurassic figures to add to the collection, but a surprise release from US Walmart stores definitely has our attention in this latest 4K unboxing and review. The new Roar Attack Metriacanthosaurus isn’t another repaint — the head has been completely retooled for the action feature, resulting in a much more appealing design from the neck up. The paint scheme itself is definitely an improvement over previous versions as well, with more natural tones and nuanced patterning. What’s most notable though, is that this Metriacanthosaurus appears to be a Walmart-only release here in the US. Could it have been planned as an Extreme Damage toy at some point? Watch the video above to get the full details plus our in-depth review of this interesting Roar Attack figure.

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