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Mattel Destruct-A-Saurs Assembled

By November 24, 2018August 14th, 2019Review

Hailing from Mexico, Canada and the United States, the Mattel Destruct-A-Saur toyline is quite the collection to track down. After a squandered Toys ‘R Us exclusive launch in the US, the toys released in various stores throughout North and South America. We’ve assembled them here in all of their multi-color, magnetic glory for your viewing pleasure.

Basic Dinosaur Assortment


Pteranodon Copter Attack Set


Tyrannosaurus Rex Ambush Playset



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  • John says:

    I still love the look of that blue Velociraptor — I don’t know why I’ve always found it so gorgeous and eye-catching. I had a chance to pick it up at a convention at some point when the line’s fate was up in the air and didn’t have the cash. Would love to see that fella show up again… and just as much so, I’d love to see the Microraptors and Compies, too. Never satisfied with the Legacy Compies.