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PART 3: Unboxing Mattel’s Dino Escape 4K Review

By October 10, 2021October 11th, 2021Review

It’s our biggest Jurassic toy unboxing yet! With the next wave of Mattel’s Dino Escape figures hitting stores and online, we’ve amassed quite the dinosaur menagerie for review alongside some popular Camp Cretaceous human figures. Ouranosaurus, Chialingosaurus and the adorable Baby Brachiosaurus are just a few of the highlights joining the Wild Pack, Fierce Force, and Roar Attack assortments covered in this video. Bumpy fans are in for a treat as well, with an all-new figure of the Ankylosaurus included in the Camper 2-Pack with Ben. However, familiar faces like Baryonyx and Allosaurus may just steal the show! Repainted and retooled versions of these toys prove to be some of the best releases yet — watch the full video above for complete impressions.

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