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Amber Collection Grant & Muldoon Reviewed in 4K

By October 7, 2021October 11th, 2021Review

At long last, we finally have Jurassic Park’s full cast of iconic characters in 6-inch figure form thanks to the newest Amber Collection releases from Mattel. Alan Grant and Robert Muldoon have been fully realized in ultra-articulated detail, and we’ve got our hands on both for our latest 4K unboxing and review. Similar to his smaller Legacy Collection counterpart, Grant’s likeness does leave a little to be desired. But this larger toy version is still a ton of fun with its included accessorie and swappable heads. Muldoon, on the other hand, is as close as we’ve come to Amber Collection perfection in a human figure. A removable hat, flawless likeness, and those knee-high socks make for one impressive game warden toy. While we miss the inclusion of a SPAS-12 shotgun like the one used in the film, the stun gun is an acceptable replacement as its design is still unique to Jurassic Park. Watch the full review in the video above for our in-depth review of each character, and let us know which is your favorite in the comments below.

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