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Unboxing Amber Collection Jurassic Park III Velociraptor

By September 30, 2021October 11th, 2021Review

Jurassic World Amber Collection’s next Raptor release may be it’s best yet! After releasing 6+ versions of the Jurassic franchise’s iconic carnivore, it was going to take a seriously impressive figure for Mattel to get our attention again — and the Jurassic Park III Velociraptor is up to the challenge. In our newest unboxing and review video, we’ll take a detailed look at this stunningly executed Raptor alongside comparisons of other Amber Collection releases. Individually molded quills, screen-accurate eyeball irises, and one of the most complex paint decos we’ve seen yet on a Mattel Jurassic figure all come together to create a nearly perfect recreation of JP3’s villainous “Alpha Raptor”. Watch the full video above and take in all the glorious details in ultra-HD 4K resolution, then let us know in the comments what you think of Amber Collection’s latest Velociraptor!

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