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Unboxing New Camp Cretaceous Human & Dino Packs – Darius & Yaz

By July 1, 2021Review

Welcome Campers! Were back with our next Jurassic World toy unboxing and review, and for once it isn’t all about dinosaurs. Mattel’s new Human & Dino packs have arrived, featuring characters from Netflix’s Camp Cretaceous animated series paired with unique accessories and dinosaur figures. We’ll open and showcase Darius alongside his Gallimimus, then check out Yasmina ‘Yaz’ with Velociraptor Blue — all presented in ultra-high definition 4K resolution. Watch the full video above for an in-depth review + comparisons to other Mattel Jurassic figures.

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  • Anonymous says:


  • Anonymous says:

    Can you also send me the in Dominus Rex that can eat then we can take out the dinosaur place on her stomach so I can actually

  • Levi De La Garza says:

    Nice! I think I like the Darius and gallimimus pack more.

    • Dylan says:

      Hey matell im a big fan of jurassic world and Jwcc and jurassic world falling kingdom
      Can you send me Camp cretaceous toys Darius been Yasmina Kenji can you get me velociraptor delta the mini one how do you have the amber collection but I just want it to be like the Raptors God like like the same size in my dream to have dinosaurs boys so can you please send it to me I’ve always wanted the scorpions Rex and a tea Rex and all the other toys from Camp Can you please send me that all of the toys for free I want to save up my mom’s money do you have a really hard day of work she comes home late very hungry I just feel bad for her do it for my mom

      • CrazedCoati says:

        What’s with all the brats begging for free handouts in the comments section? That’s not what the site is about, it’s reviews and news. Seriously these comments are gunking up this site.