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Unboxing Mattel’s Dino Escape: Roar Attack, Mega Destroyers & More

By June 21, 2021Review

Mattel’s Jurassic Wold Dino Escape toys are at last hitting in full force, and we’re taking a look at several full assortments from the 2021 lineup in our latest 4K unboxing and review! Innovative action features are front and center in Roar Attack Ceratosaurus, Baryonyx ‘Limbo’ and Ankylosaurus ‘Bumpy’, while much-requested capture gear accessories round out the larger Mega Destroyer Carcharodontosaurus and Stegosaurus toys. Looming over them all is the newest addition to the Super Colossal series, Carnotaurus ‘Toro’ — possibly the best over-sized release to date! Watch the full video above for our in-depth review of each figure, including ultra-HD closeups and comparisons to previous Mattel Jurassic toys.

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