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Amber Collection Unboxed: Dimorphodon 2-Pack & “New” Velociraptor

By July 5, 2021Review

Mattel’s Jurassic World Amber Collection continues to expand in 2021, and we’re unboxing the latest wave of dinosaur figures in the 6-inch scale collector line. New to the roster is Dimorphodon, with the Amber release packing both a flying and walking version of the toothy pterosaur. Alongside this first-ever 2-pack is Jurassic Park’s Velociraptor. Yes, you read that right — the raptor is back with a slightly tweaked paint application from the first wave’s release. Watch the full video above for our unboxing and review of each figure in crystal-clear 4K resolution.

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  • BiffTron says:

    Mine just shipped from BBTS. Should be here on Saturday. Very glad the raptor is actually using different paint tones.

  • Alyssa Craig says:

    This looks cool I like the amber collection I love the look of the compys they look good and I’m after the amber collection dilophosaurus but it’s too expensive send things about it when it gets cheaper and I would love it thx