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Unboxing New Roar Strikers Skorpiovenator, Rajasaurus and More

By March 17, 2022Review

An all-new carnivorous duo is joining Mattel’s Jurassic toy lineup, as part of their Jurassic World Dominion Roar Strikers assortment. Get up close and personal with Skorpiovenator and Rajasaurus in our latest unboxing and review, alongside returning herbivores Triceratops and Ankylosaurus. The debut species in this wave sport vibrant colorations and highly detailed sculpts, while the “Roar Strike” push-activated action feature breathes new life into the repainted figures. This simple but effective play innovation from Mattel is a ton of fun, too — without the need to use both hands to make dinosaurs bite, buck or bash! Watch the full 4K video above to see these toys in action, and comment below with your most anticipated Dominion toy.

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  • Gooper Blooper says:

    It’s actually getting kind of hilarious how they insist on never using the same gimmick two years in a row for the mid-size figures. Someday they will run out of different ways to make the dinosaurs do the same biting and swinging motions, but that day is not today.

  • STARSAURS158 says:

    i feel like you’ve been having Way too much fun with those toys recently! 🤣