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Unboxing New Legacy Collection Kosmoceratops, Velociraptor and More

By March 15, 2022March 17th, 2022Review

Mattel’s Jurassic World Legacy Collection assortment is back in 2022, with new figures and playsets inspired by the entire saga of Jurassic films (and then some). We have the first wave of individual dinosaur toys to unbox, which includes Velociraptor and Pachycephalosaurus repaints inspired by their appearance in The Lost World: Jurassic Park. Aside from these series stalwarts, there’s also Kosmoceratops — an all-new figure that has everyone scratching their heads. Not only is this species missing from any previous Jurassic film or accessory media, the toy itself is missing the typical paint quality present in Mattel’s Jurassic offerings. This spartan design treatment on an otherwise great looking sculpt leaves a lot to be desired, which we’ll cover during the review portion of the video. Watch now in ultra-HD 4K resolution, and let us know your impressions of these new Legacy Collection releases in the comment section.

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