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April Fools: New Jurassic Park Visitor Center Playset on Mattel Creations!

By April 1, 2022April 2nd, 2022News

Could it really be? A deluxe Legacy Collection playset from Mattel is releasing via their Mattel Creations platform, featuring none other than the iconic Jurassic Park Visitor Center! A modern toy version of Kenner’s classic Command Compound has continued to be one of the most fan-requested release since the toyline began, and Mattel is finally delivering it alongside six figures of the film’s main cast (including a set-exclusive red shirt Alan Grant) plus an Extreme Chompin’ Tryrannosaurus toy painted to match Rexy’s appearance in Jurassic Park. Naturally, the “When Dinosaurs Ruled The Earth” banner from the Isla Nublar Escape set has been repacked to complete this incredible playset. At an even $200, collectors will be sparing no expense when they purchase the Legacy Collection Visitor Center, available never on Mattel Creations!

Yes, never — this is our latest April Fool’s joke and while we’re sorry to disappoint, perhaps showing the huge demand for a Mattel Visitor Center could lead to its eventual release. Special thanks to Hatclaw Designs and Jurassic Park Diorama’s by Peter Hui for their beautiful fan recreations of the Visitor Center which were used to help create this year’s gag. 

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  • Andy Huynh says:

    I will admit, I fell for this 100%. Hahaha.

  • Christopher Duffy says:

    This announcement had me fooled. Lol!!

  • STARSAURS158 says:

    Not too happy. But I did also fall for it

  • Anonymous says:

    I wish it were true, it would be amazing!

  • TheOldRepugnant says:

    That was mean

  • Erik says:

    Much as I’d love for this to be real, I’m honestly glad this was an April Fool’s joke. Just because this year will already be ultra-expensive as is with the JWD and Hammond Collection lines and also still collecting the vintage Kenner figures. Definitely don’t need the additional financial strain. This would be awesome for next year and also fitting with next year being JP’s 30th anniversary. Perhaps we’ll get something like this.

  • Anonymous says:

    I think this tricked literally everyone

  • JP Carnotaurus Dude says:

    April Fools Prank = Suspended Account!!!

  • Anonymous says:

    And here I thought maybe I would not have to continue building the visitors center from scratch for my Jurassic Park train table I’m building. My response literally was Hammond response.