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New Dual Attack Pteranodon Unboxing & Review in 4K

By March 9, 2019Review

For our newest Video Feature, Tim takes a look at one of the latest Mattel Dino Rivals releases, the Dual Attack Pteranodon. The eye-popping paint scheme and striking beak action set this version of the popular Pterosaur apart from earlier versions of the species, which Tim covers at length in his review. As previously reported, this figure has only been spotted in Australia but will hopefully be migrating internationally to stores that already carry the Dual Attack assortment.

Presented in amazing 4k resolution, this latest Video Feature adds to Collect Jurassic’s growing YouTube channel—which now includes live streams, toy hunts and much more! Be sure to subscribe and keep checking back for more exciting video content.

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  • Erik says:

    Mattel delivers again with this toy. I’ve got my eyes peeled for any and all Mattel Jurassic toys, both new and ones I don’t have yet from the past assortment, but this one is definitely now higher on my to acquire list.