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6 Inch “Budget” Dino Rivals Figures Spotted at Meijer Store

By March 9, 2019August 14th, 2019News

While we await updates on Mattel’s 6 inch Collector Series Jurassic figures, a new assortment of “budget” toys in the 6 inch scale are hitting shelves with this latest batch spotted by Rex10999 at a Michigan Meijer store. This wave looks to include Blue, Indoraptor, Owen and T. rex figures—we’re especially fond of the Rex in this new size! Each toy features limited articulation, similar to the 12 inch figures that came before them.

These 6 inch releases may not scale with Mattel’s Jurassic mainline figures, but they are a nice addition to a growing range of 2019 Jurassic toys. We’re curious to see other species brought to life in this size, and how they’ll compare to the upcoming 6 inch Collector Series. Will you be picking and of these new figures up? Let us know in the comments!

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  • Erik says:

    Whoops, misread this a bit, I thought this was a new 12-inch series, my bad. That’s what being tired after a day out does to you :p In any event, definitely look forward to snagging these.

  • Erik says:

    Nice. Definitely want to get the new Owen and Rex ones as well as the Dilophosaurus which from the prior 12-inch figures is the only other one I don’t yet have.