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April Fools! Trespasser: Jurassic World Video Game Listing Appears

By April 1, 2021April 2nd, 2021News

April Fools! Before you get too upset with us, let’s not forget about the infamous Bash ‘N Bellow Apatosaurus from a couple years ago. It has now become a reality in 2021, so dreams do come true. Original post below:

A new Trespasser game? Count us in! As seen on the Xbox game store, a listing for Trespasser: Jurassic World due for release in June. Looks like the classic island exploration + dinosaur survival horror gameplay will be in good hands at Creative Assembly (developers of the excellent Alien: Isolation). The ‘97 PC game had some incredible lore building around The Lost World, here’s hoping there’s more of that here with a fresh Jurassic World-era spin. And less crate-stacking puzzles.

Thanks for the tip @jurassiccontrast, April fools!

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