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UPDATED: Where To Buy Jurassic World Primal Attack Toys + New HD Galleries

By March 9, 2020News

UPDATE 3/9/2020: We’ve added new shop links and HD images for many Wave 2 releases as requested. Happy hunting!

If you’ve been following Collect Jurassic on social media lately*, you’ve no doubt seen the stampede of new Jurassic World Primal Attack releases hitting online retailers like Amazon and It’s almost too much to keep up with, but we’ve got you covered! Along with up-to-date HD image galleries, we’ve assembled every current product link for the latest Mattel Jurassic figures uncovered so far. While many of the new toys have been up for preorder on Entertainment Earth since August, new listings have since been added to other online storefronts almost daily in the past few weeks. As we saw with many early Dino Rival releases last year, most of the new figures quickly went out of stock after going live. But don’t panic quite yet! The good news is that most have since been restocked several times, meaning the determined collector will have no trouble scoring the first wave of Primal Attack figures.

We’ll keep updating this page as more links go live. Note that some of the Walmart listings for Sound Strike and Savage Strike have yet to go on sale, but should be going into stock imminently.

*If you haven’t been following us, what are you waiting for? Start getting your Jurassic World and Jurassic Park toy and collecting news the instant it hits on Collect Jurassic’s Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

Jurassic World Attack Pack

View Full Gallery

Callovosaurus – Amazon
Ornitholestes – Amazon
Dracorex – Amazon
Minmi (Wave 2) – Amazon
Rhamphorhynchus (Wave 2) – Amazon


 Jurassic World Savage Strike

View Full Gallery

Sauropelta – Amazon / Entertainment Earth / Walmart
Velociraptor Charlie – Amazon / Entertainment Earth / Walmart
Postasuchus (Wave 2) – Amazon / Entertainment Earth / Walmart
Pachycephalosaurus (Wave 2) – Amazon / Entertainment Earth


 Jurassic World Sound Strike

View Full Gallery

Cryolophosaurus – Amazon / Entertainment Earth / Walmart
Triceratops – Amazon / Entertainment Earth / Walmart
Pteranodon – Amazon / Entertainment Earth / Walmart
Case Pack – Entertainment Earth
Edmontosaurus (Wave 2) – Amazon / Entertainment Earth


 Jurassic World Massive Biters

View Full Gallery

Tarbosaurus – Amazon / Entertainment Earth
Sarcosuchus – Amazon / Entertainment Earth
Case Pack – Entertainment Earth


 Jurassic World Control & Conquer Carnotaurus

View Full Gallery

Carnotaurus – Amazon  / Walmart


 Jurassic World Extreme Chompin’ Tyrannosaurus Rex

View Full Gallery

Tyrannosaurus Rex – Amazon  / Walmart

Join the discussion 13 Comments

  • Anonymous says:

    I wish I took advantage of it because the price is so much more expensive and the T. rex is 72 bucks and Carnotaurus is 60$ aww man

  • George says:

    My local target is only selling the same 2 dinosaurs

  • Katorrien says:

    Send me a Box of dinosaur toys please

  • Jack says:

    Hi all, anyone have any luck finding the Edmontosaurus? Even though it’s showing as in stock at Walmart via Brickseek, when I get there, no Edmontosaurus. Jack

  • Anonymous says:


  • Gooper Blooper says:

    My Walmart’s been letting me down. They didn’t stock Battle Damage Spinosaurus, meaning I missed that one completely (I have the Legacy, so it’s not as bad as it could have been, but I thought the BD version was neat and unique enough to grab). They got the first wave of Sound Strikes in (too late, because I’d already gotten them off Amazon) but nothing else. They haven’t carried minis or any of the dropped parts of the line (Matchbox, humans, etc) since early last year.

    I’m hoping the situation improves next year when Jurassic increases in importance in the mainstream due to Dominion. Until then, it’s Amazon or nothing.

  • John says:

    We got the Primal Attack cryolophosaurus, triceratops, pteranodon as well as the callovosaurus, ornitholestes,etc in the blister packs at local Targets in NE Ohio two weeks ago. They quickly sold out & we haven’t seen anything new since. On the other hand, our local Wal*Marts have not had anything new since the one superstore got a supply of the Battle Damage Spinosaur and Indominus Rex toys before Christmas and sold out of them fairly quickly. In fact two of the stores have no Jurassic World toys whatsoever and the other two are attempting to get rid of their older Roarivores, battle damage dinosaurs as I write this.

    • Megan says:

      Had the postosuchus preordered since November of last year through entertainment earth and it kept pushing the release date back from January to March then canceled my order completely and now it says it’s out of stock and I can’t put it back on my list to order….anyone had this happen?

  • Plushboyq says:

    I have found the sound strike triceratops and cryolophosaurus at target

    PS my target is in florence ky
    Does anybody happen to know when exactly the primal attack dinosaurs will be in stores

  • Nate says:

    I found the Callo, Herrera, Ornith, and Draco at Target. I bought all but the Herrera, and it looks like someone did the same at another Target, but I at least know that Target has begun stocking the Attack Packs.