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See Official Images Mattel’s Latest Savage Strike Figures – Including Scutosaurus

By April 9, 2020News

Today, we are incredibly excited to be able to bring you a nice, light-hearted piece of positive Jurassic collecting news to hopefully lift your spirits and fill you with excitement at a time when so much seems uncertain. Thanks to the Smyths team in the UK, we have our first high-definition look at some of the brand-new Savage Strike figures which will be joining the Mattel Jurassic World line-up later this year.

Let’s dive in and check out the latest figures to have broken out from containment!


Velociraptors Delta and Echo

We wanted to kick off with arguably the two least exciting figures from this wave – but still two fantastic figures, nonetheless! These are Mattel’s brand-new attempts at two of the Raptor Squad members from Jurassic World – Delta, and Echo. Both dinosaurs make use of the new mould which their fellow pack member, Charlie, also used earlier this year. The version of Delta we have here is certainly a lot more accurate to the source material – featuring the unique darker highlights around her eyes which this Velociraptor features in the film. The colour-scheme for this figure feels a lot more authentic than the Attack Pack version which released in the Dino Rivals assortment. Echo is also a nice figure, too – but she still doesn’t quite capture the look of the raptor, making use of too many browns and blacks in my opinion.

With that said, it is nice to see Mattel listening to fans and taking another shot at the named raptors from the first film in the Jurassic World trilogy. I think these are still incredibly popular characters with fans – so it is great to have them back in the line!



One figure which has me a lot more excited than I initially anticipated is the brand-new version of the Stygimoloch – presenting the first version of this dinosaur which is presented in different colours to those present in Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom. The figure here appears to the use the same mould as the individual carded Stygimoloch which previously came within the Savage Strike line, and utilises some gorgeous brown and dark brown highlights which really stand out compared to the light cream (almost white) colours for the underbelly of the dinosaur. This is a good looking repaint of the Stygimoloch which feels nicely detailed – so it is one repaint which I am rather excited for!



The next figure is also going to be an incredibly popular repaint, as the Styracosaurus is a dinosaur which was scarcely available in the original wave of Savage Strike figures. This is a fun, smaller-scale ceratopsian with a unique and quirky sculpt, and it makes me happy to know that eager collectors will once again can get this unique dinosaur. The dark grey colour scheme is unique when compared to the original dark green version of this figure – feeling nice and distinctive in comparison. I also love the orange and red highlights on the figure’s back and crest, as they contrast nicely with the main colours chosen for the bulk of the figure’s body and horns.

This is going to be a popular figure – so if you stumble across this one, pick it up when you see it!



Another popular dinosaur is likely to be the brand-new Dilophosaurus sculpt, which feels as though it comes in a more aggressive and intimidating pose. The play feature for this dinosaur allows you to use the tail to move the figure’s frills – recreating the iconic spitting action that the dinosaur does in Jurassic Park. I really like the colours chosen for this one. The light green, combined with oranges and yellows, feels very close in tone and style to the original Jurassic Park version of this animal – providing us with a gorgeous new figure which is bound to be a hit with classic fans.

Whilst we don’t have the Legacy Collection at present, it is nice to see we can still expect to receive more of the fantastic classic species of dinosaurs.



Lastly, we have the Scutosaurus – a reptile which predates many of the dinosaurs in our collections as it existed during the Permian era, when other animals like Dimetrodon walked the Earth. This is an incredibly unique period and one which I find really fascinating – so it is wonderful seeing Mattel embracing the time before dinosaurs and creating a great look at this figure. I love the unique colour scheme here. The blue highlights merge nicely with the brown body whilst still standing out, and the yellow eye with a dark brown highlight around it stands out incredibly nicely and really pops on this figure.

Scutosaurus may not be a new dinosaur – but it is a wonderful interpretation of an incredibly unique historical animal which I am sure will be popular with fans.


That’s it – that’s your look at the brand-new Savage Strike figures which will be arriving later this year! What do you think of these figures? Are you excited for the repaints considering they are slightly rarer figures? What do you think about the new sculpts?

Let us know in the comments below! Stay safe, take care of yourselves, and make sure you stay tuned for Collect Jurassic as we bring you all the Jurassic toy news and content you need to get through this quarantine!

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  • the 157393th T. rex so far says:

    What great toys! Mattel continues pumping out more and more plastic-ey goodness, and these are no exception! while I don’t own Delta and Echo themselves, they are great! Delta has a cool slashing action! And Echo, well… While being a great figure with some cool head articulation and a good idea, it cannot actually jump too well. you kinda have to throw it a little in order to really make it seem legitimate, but it is by far not bad, as I have the original version of the mold, the story pack Blue and Owen, and Blue is really nice! while neither Delta nor Echo are Movie-accurate, they are nice toys, as well as all of the others! The Dilophosaurus is a new mold that looks amazing, and while I don’t have the mold yet, I love its action feature! all you need is a Dennis Nedry and you got yourself an epic scene re-imagined in toy form! It is SOOO nice to see the Styracosaurus again, as I haven’t managed to find the original savage strike version. I’m sure that many collectors will be happy with it. the Stygimoloch is a nice repaint of the original Story Pack version, the latter being the only one of the mold I have. nevertheless, the new Stygimoloch is very cool when it comes to coloration, and is quite stylized when compared with the one from JW: FK. and Now for the Scutosaurus. the one that EVERYONE had been hyped for! I don’t own the mold, but from the looks of it it’s quite cool. the action is pretty nice, and the head sculpt definitely reminds me of the Bewilderbeast from HTTYD. It’s nice to see that Mattel is creating Synapsids as well as dinosaurs, pterosaurs, and marine reptiles. the Dimetrodon and Postosuchus will go well with this new Scutosaurus figure, and now we have 4 synapsids: the Destruct-a-saurs and savage strike dimetrodons, the savage strike postosuchus, and this new scutosaurus. I hope that Mattel will introduce a few more synapsids, such as the Ophiacodon, and maybe this is a sign that Mattel will make some Cenozoic animals such as the Titanoboa, Wooly and Columbian Mammoths, the Giant Ground Sloth, Smilodon, Andrewsarchus, Glyptodon, Dodo, Uintatherium, Oreodont, Mastodon, Marsupial Lion, and Short-Faced Bear. we just have to keep our fingers crossed!

  • Anonymous says:

    Echo dose not look like that’

  • Gooper Blooper says:

    Definitely picking up Dilophosaurus and Scutosaurus, not sold on the repaints yet.

    With the current drought of new releases, have you considered doing articles on some of the old figures? When this site was started, one of the things it was meant to include was coverage of older collectables, but we haven’t really seen that at all. Granted, it was probably because Mattel has been consistently pumping out new product for two years straight, but there’s a lot of ground to cover in the many years before 2018. You could do standard reviews and galleries, articles about the toyline’s history, Kenner/Mattel comparisons, or even an editorial about how Hasbro’s poor treatment of the franchise led to Mattel getting it.

    • Tom Jurassic says:

      Definitely something we could consider! Bit hard for both Tim and I currently as we are both still working super hard with our day-to-day jobs as everything unfolds currently, but definitely something to consider. Thanks for the suggestion, Gooper! Hope you are keeping well and safe.