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Edmontosaurus & Wave 2 Attack Pack 4K Review

By March 4, 2020Review

In our latest 4K Ultra-HD unboxing and review, we open up a few just-released Mattel Jurassic World Primal Attack toys. These Wave 2 releases include Sound Strike Edmontosaurus as well as Attack Pack Minmi and Rhamphorhynchus. Watch now for a detailed look at paint scheme, articulation, design, action features and repaint comparisons for each Jurassic figure.

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  • Erik says:

    Would be great to get different species like Edmontosaurus instead of the trillionith Triceratops repaint. The JW line is still overdue for the likes of Iguanodon, Maiasaura, etc.

    • CityRaptor says:

      At least Mattel is doing that. If it were Hasbro you only would get the repaints. Sadly Ornithopods do not sell that well, so we can be lucky that we get at least 3.

  • Lee says:

    can you pin a link for etjw to find all the new items? lione you did several weeks ago? just keeping it current and on the top? I loved that, and used it everyday until I got all of those items. thanks, lee

    • Collect Jurassic says:

      Done and done! That article has been updated and pushed to the top of recent posts.

  • Anonymous says:

    I love primal attack