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Fresh Look at Savage Strike Dino Rivals from TRU Canada

By December 13, 2018August 14th, 2019News

Just last week we got our first in-hand look of the Styracosaurus Savage Strike figure from Mattel’s Dino Rivals toyline, and now we are able to see the other “new” figure in this assortment courtesy of Matthew C.: the Monolophosaurus. It’s a slightly re-tooled sculpt from the previously released toy that was part of the Wal-Mart exclusive Battle Damage Tyrannosaurus Rex & Monolophosaurus set.

The image was apparently taken in a Toys R Us Canada store, signaling the imminent release of yet more Dino Rivals toys before the new year. The first wave of Savage Strike dinosaurs will consist of these two figures, as well as straight re-releases of the story pack Stygimoloch and Velociraptor Blue under the Savage Strike label. For more information on the full wave of Dino Rivals figures coming your way, refer to our previous posts detailing the toyline and covering preorder information.