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Mattel Legacy Collection – First Look at 2019 Releases

By November 4, 2018November 27th, 2018News

While we’ve already seen a great deal of Mattel’s 2019 Dino Rivals toyline, we now have our first look at a few of the new Legacy Collection releases that will be available in the new year. It’s somewhat disappointing that they appear to be all repainted figures so far, but Mattel’s version of the Bull T-Rex deserves some recognition, as wells the Jurassic Park 3 female Velociraptor and Alan Grant 2-pack. Repurposing existing molds may not be these most exciting new release, but the fact that the Legacy Collection will live on in 2019 should be great news for all Jurassic collectors.

Another important detail to note is that images like these should not be taken as production accurate. We saw paint applications and even mold changes occur in final products when compared to similar early photos from Mattel’s 2018 toyline. In any case, for now more toys are on the horizon that will feature characters and dinosaur designs from the original Jurassic Park trilogy and we can’t wait to see them on the shelf.

The 2018 Legacy Collection saw only a limited release at Target stores in the US, and select retailers overseas. That may be the case again in 2019, we will be sure to update as we know more.


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  • I’ll take it with a bit of hope the JP3 Male Raptor and Water Spitting Dilophosaurus got bumped to a 2019 release with the rest of these. Hopefully there’s another chance to re-release the Spinosaurus so people can get another chance at it too.