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First Primal Attack Toys Hit US Target Stores

By November 4, 2019News

They’re already here! That’s right, with 2020 right around the corner we’re now seeing the first wave of Primal Attack figures from Mattel hitting stores. Multiple new figures from the Attack Pack assortment have been spotted in US Target stores this week, with collectors identifying Callovosaurus, Ornitholestes, Dracorex and a repacked Herrasaurus as the first new toys to see a wide release. This is essentially how Dino Rivals hit last year: new Attack Pack figures hitting at the very end of 2018, with more assortments to follow going into 2019. Based on experience, we’ll start seeing the new Primal Attack Sound Strikes, Massive Biters and more soon enough!

All-new sculpts on the Callovosaurus and Ornitholestes look fantastic, and the new paint scheme on the Dracorex is quite striking as well (we’re seeing a lot of hilarious Mountain Dew comments thrown around, too). While the Herrasaurus in this wave is a straight re-release of the figure, all of these new Attack Packs are looking very fresh thanks to the new Primal Attack cardback artwork. We love the fences and sunny island vista vibes that this year’s packaging is sporting, it seems Mattel is always looking to outdo themselves with each Jurassic World theme and Primal Attack is no exception!

If you’re growing anxious awaiting all of the new Jurassic World toys coming our way, just remember that many of these new figures are already up for preorder on Entertainment Earth with Amazon preorders soon to follow. But for those of us who prefer to hunt the figures in store, it’s clear a nationwide US release has only just begun! Stay tuned to Collect Jurassic for more new toy release updates as they come in, especially over on our  Instragram, Twitter, Facebook and YouTube pages.

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  • Gooper Blooper says:

    Looking forward to them! I live on the East Coast so it’s a long wait from the first in-store sightings to me actually seeing anything. West Coast always seems to get new releases first. Absolutely getting the new species, probably getting the green Dracorex. I already have the green Herrara from its’ previous appearance – kind of a weird repack choice, you’d think they’d reissue the red one instead since it’s older.

    I’m disappointed they stopped including cards. I wasn’t expecting the stats cards to continue since the stat comparing was basically the gimmick of Dino Rivals, but a different series of cards, maybe with actual facts about the dinosaurs lifted from the Facts App, would have been nice.

    Ornitholestes was briefly available on Amazon and I ordered one while it was up. The page changed to “Currently Not Available” and no longer appears when searching on Amazon’s site, so I am concerned they might cancel the order, but it’ll prooooobably go through – it’ll just take forever for them to get any stock.

    I’m almost done with Dino Rivals, but Amazon won’t get any more of the grey Trike in stock. I was so sure that one was going to be a shelfwarmer I decided to wait until the price dropped like it did for the green Trike (which is still easily available even now), but instead they sold out and haven’t gotten more in quite some time. If they don’t get in any more I’ll just move on to the Sound Strike one I guess :V