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Unboxing Amber Collection Tyrannosaurus Rex & Compsognathus

By September 17, 2021October 11th, 2021Review

“Mommy’s very angry!” The Lost World: Jurassic Park’s very own Baby T-Rex is joining Mattel’s high-end Amber Collection action figure series, and it brought some friends. We’re unboxing and providing an in-depth review of this all-new release, complete with other toy comparisons and ultra-HD 4K closeups. Amber Collection’s first baby dinosaur toy even includes a muzzle and leg cast — just like the sequel film! While the included Compsognathus figures are a nice touch, their design leaves a little to be desired due to the comically oversized jaw. Watch the full review above for our complete break-down of these new Jurassic toys and be on the lookout for more Amber Collection content coming soon.

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