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Legacy Collection Brachiosaurs US Release Details (Updated)

By September 18, 2019News

UPDATED 9/18/19: As predicted, the Legacy Collection Brachiosaurus has started to arrive in-stores this week ahead of it’s release in October. Confirmed via the inventory checking website Brickseek, the figure shows “In Stock” in select West Coast Target locations. Thank you for the heads-up, Ande!

Of all the new Jurassic dinosaur figures Mattel has brought us since they took control of the license in 2018, none has been more eagerly anticipated than the Legacy Collection Brachiosaurus. While this massive toy’s release has begun rolling out overseas, US collectors are anxiously awaiting their chance to score Brachiosaurus here on the homefront. We’ve known since the beginning it would be a Target store exclusive, and later that the figure would release closer to Fall 2019 for $49.99. But with fears running high about another “Spinogate”*, most collector’s have been cautious (or outright negative) about its release until more concrete details are announced ⁠—and today we have them!

Collect Jurassic can exclusively confirm that within the US Target store’s inventory system, the Legacy Collection Brachiosaurus is slated for in-store release in October, with an approximate floorset date of October 6th. The store we checked designated a shelf capacity of “2” for the figure, meaning the store would at least stock a couple of the large toys when it initially releases. Some stores are even quoting up to 5 Brachiosaur boxes on the shelf come October, but the exact number will most likely vary by store size and location. As with most toy releases tied to a specific floorset date, we would expect to see stock arriving in the weeks ahead of October 6th with some stores even putting the figure out before the shelf is even configured for it. Come late September, hopefully the first of the US Brachiosaurus start to find their into the hands of collectors here.

Overall, this is excellent news for US fans looking to track down this long-awaited toy in their local Target store verses taking their chances online. Many feared the figure would not be sold in-store at all, suffering the same fate as Mattel’s Legacy Collection Spinosaurus by selling out instantaneously on The fact that it will be headed to most, if not all, Target stores across the country signifies what we here at Collect Jurassic have believed all along: Legacy Collection Brachiosaurus will be a well stocked item.

Of course, the figure will undoubtedly be sold online as well as in-store, possibly even ahead of the October 6th floorset date. So if you’re impatient and are quick on the draw, definitely bookmark the below page while tuning into our social media pages (Instagram, Twitter and Facebook) for day-to-day updates on when Brachiosaurus becomes available.

Legacy Collection Brachiosaurus on


Curious if this toy is worth all the hype? Definitely check out our exclusive review below just to get an idea of just how truly impressive Mattel’s Brachiosaurus is in-person. And as with any pre-release information, plans can and do change. However, we’re still extremely confident in this figure’s US release given all the information we’ve received thus far. Going to be a long wait till October! Special thanks to indoraptorpoject and mrclassicjurassic for independatly confirming this information at their Target stores.

*Mattel’s Legacy Collection Spinosaurus was only released in extremely limited quantities on in the US, never appearing in-store. The figure appeared in and out of stock over the course of a few months, selling out within seconds each time. The entire situation, and who exactly is to blame, remains somewhat of a mystery. It has come to be known as “Spinogate” within the Jurassic collecting community.

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  • Mary says:

    Hi all! Just wanted to let you know I was able to get two (the only two) at my target today. Not on the shelf yet but they went back and were able to get them for me. I will have two VERY happy boys on Christmas morning! Good luck to everyone else!

  • Baum says:

    I bought one today in Pennsylvania for my son for Christmas. They weren’t on the shelves when I arrived so I don’t know how many they actually received.
    Myself and another guy was there so I know our Target had at least 2. Hopefully people can get themselves one.
    I’ve been trying to find when the Walmart battle damage Spinosaurus is coming out

  • Marcus says:

    Was able to buy one at the Target near me this morning with no problems. They had to get one for me from the back, though. Hadn’t set them out, yet but the tag was on the shelves.

  • Guillem Mota says:

    Confirmed, they have them in stock. unfortunately “street date” or shelf date is 10/06

  • FIDEL PEREZ says:

    Hi, Brachiousaurus is available at any Liverpool ™ store in Mexico. According to employees, there are from 4 to 6 units per store.

  • Rob A says:

    To clarify, it’s not “sold out” at It is “temporarily out of stock” they’ve added the page for the item, but as it is not yet available, it is marked as out of stock.
    Let’s not start panicking just yet, and see how this plays out.

  • Dave says:

    This sounds great, but it begs the question… Why the Spino mishap in the first place? I agree with the other commenters, if they can accommodate the Brachiosaurus, why not the Spino? Makes me nervous for the Walmart Spino. As for the Brachiosaurus, though, it really is amazing. I saw it at SDCC and wow was I blown away with the sheer size. It is no joke, it is gorgeous and worth the wait.

  • Joel Mathie says:

    Just so yall are tracking. Its sold out online and likely going to be another Spinogate. I went to and its sold out. Hopefully we will get another chance.

  • Joel says:

    Sold out on target online already. May have another Spinogate.

  • Erik says:

    Excellent news. Plenty of time to save up for it between now and then. Can’t wait to add this to my collection.

  • Gooper Blooper says:

    Well, that certainly does sound better than Spino, for sure! Odd how they’ll make space for Brachi but not the smaller Spino… I can only guess it’s because they learned their lesson from the backlash, which is good news.

    I’m going to need to get mine online. I don’t live near a Target, so it doesn’t do me much good if it’s stocked in Target stores. I’m right near a Walmart, but that unneeded exclusivity becomes the issue then. And I have a friend who lives near multiple Targets, but she can’t very well ship something this big to me – the mailing costs would be ludicrous. So it’s all about online availability.