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Mattel Unveils Brachiosaurus – Exclusive Size, Price & Release Details

By February 19, 2019News

Towering over 2 feet tall and almost 3 feet long, Mattel’s Brachiosaurus figure is finally stepping into the spotlight post-NY Toy Fair. The gorgeous sauropod was first teased before Toy Fair and was finally unveiled on Mattel’s Facebook and Instagram this evening, and in the few short hours since it has taken the Jurassic collecting community by tropical storm!

Collect Jurassic has more exclusive details on the figure, which you can read below:

  • Figure measures 28 x 36 in / 70 x 90 cm
  • Full articulation includes leg joints, tail and jaw as well as two points or articulation in the neck, allowing the head to move up and down and the entire neck to rotate
  • Sturdy plastic construction (no rubberized components)
  • SRP of $49.99

As detailed in our previous post, Mattel intends for a Fall 2019 worldwide release for the Brachiosaurus. Here in the US it will be released as a Target exclusive figure under the Legacy Collection label, but internationally it will feature mainline packaging for stores that choose to carry it.

Overall, we’re seriously impressed with the dedication Mattel has shown getting this dream Jurassic figure to market. Many collectors have had this toy on their wishlist for 25+ years, and finally seeing it come to life after all these years has us grasping for words just like Dr. Grant. See the full-size image and detail shots of the Brachiosaurus figure below.

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  • Wyatt says:

    I love these Diansaurus

  • Anonymous says:

    This is Wyatt my favourites is stigimolic

  • Steven says:

    The problem with the Spinosaurus from the Legacy Collection has me worried. I feel they won’t release enough and this will be bought up and sold for absurd prices. It’s a one of a kind figure after all.

  • Anonymous says:

    I want it!!!!!!!!

  • I pray the lord that they will released the Legacy Collection Brachiosaurus toy and not cancelled it. Amen.

  • JOSE says:


  • Blah Blah says:

    Um, I sorta expected more but overall is really good and huge!

  • Khan says:

    I hope the legs are like the steggy and not like the thrash and throw rex. I don’t like the click legs, I’m afraid they will be broken when played with. But my steggy’s legs move smoothly, so it seems more durable.

    Here’s hoping the spino gets a re-release/re-paint. She’s really a neat sculpt and wasn’t released in my country.

  • Benicio says:

    this is incredible and soon there be more sauropod like dinosaurs

  • Rob says:

    Amazing!!!! Fingers crossed it’s not an online exclusive. I read that mattel and target “learned” from their mistakes with the spino, however I’ll believe it when I see it..

  • IWHBYD says:

    I’m in love! What a great job Mattel. I am sad to hear that it is a Legacy Exclusive here in the USA though. Target hasn’t handled Jurassic World very well. The Legacy Spinosaurus is a prime example. Do we know if they will be carrying this in stores as well?

  • Erik says:

    Looks amazing and $49.99 is a very reasonable and fair price for it, I was expecting it to go for far more. Can’t wait to add this to my collection, about time we finally had a large-scale Brachiosaurus toy. Hopefully we’ll also get TLW Mamenchiasaurus and the JW/JWFK Apatosaurus at some point to accompany this.

    • Norman Gómez says:

      Completely agree. I’d love a Mamenchi and an Apato figures too!

      • Erik says:

        I’d be all for Mattel doing more Sauropods as well of different species, we need more. Ultrasaurus and Seismosaurus particularly would be awesome to see.

    • it would be like $19.89 if I were you.

      • Frida janette says:

        Com lo puedo adquirir, aca en lima, peru hay una tienda de Mattel pero no hay ese briachosaurio me encantaría para mi hijo q es fanático de los dinosaurios?

        • Miguel says:

          Acabo de verlo en youtube y se ve genial. La verdad no se donde venderán aquí en Perú. De hecho le duplicarán precio. Si lo encuentras avisas.