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Ultimate Baryonyx Breakout Set 4K Unboxing & Review

By July 27, 2019Review

It’s been less than a week since we got our first glimpse of a new Baryonyx redeco at the San Diego Comic Con, yet thus new figure is already making it’s way into most collector’s hands after via the Ultimate Baryonyx Breakout set that became  available on here in the US a few days ago. With so many toy reviews hitting upon the set’s release, here at Collect Jurassic Tim decided to spend a decent part of this latest Video Feature comparing this new Baryonyx with previous releases and discussing Mattel’s approach to human figures in the Jurassic toyline.

This set isn’t all about the Baryonyx—it also includes an all-new motorcycle as well re-packs of some fun accessories like the iconic flare, a pair of Compsognathus, and more.  Of course, we’re also getting our fifth release of the Blue Shirt Owen figure during a time where many collector’s are voicing their frustrations with lack of new humans in the 2020 toyline. However, this set still manages to pack in the value and playability outside of Owen considering it’s $20 price-point. Perhaps this release it testing the waters for better ways to include human figures in the toyline going forward?

Our in-depth review of the of Ultimate Baryonyx Breakout set goes into plenty of detail about the included toys and accessories themselves, all presented in ultra-HD 4K resolution. If you haven’t already, please subscribe to our YouTube channel for more unique Jurassic collecting video content!

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  • Gooper Blooper says:

    I’d be a lot more eager to get this if the Baryonyx was properly retooled with a Dino Damage action feature and articulation added to the neck and jaw. Shame they took the lazy way out. Slipping in humans into playsets seems like a good way of getting humans into the line if the human packs aren’t selling, but it’s pointless if the only human to ever get issued is Owen. Ultimately I will probably pass on this set unless it makes it to physical stores and gets clearanced. The new Bary is cool but I already have three Baryonyx and this one doesn’t bring enough new to the table for me, and I already have some Corps motorcycles (like the ones mentioned in the video!) if I really wanted one of my figures to ride a bike.

    Comedic timing for “Comparyonyx” was on point. Burst out laughing. The dramatic pause really sold it.

  • Jaxon says:

    I love this set! I highly recommend it. I know, it’s frustrating to get another Owen. But honestly, with all the armor and new helmet you don’t even recognize that it is Owen. I wonder if this was the tracker motorcycle set that was rumored to come out, and they just put the motorcycle in this set instead? Honestly, mattel did awesome with this set and this is the kind of stuff I want more of! Thanks mattel!

  • Erik says:

    I’ll check this review out. I just picked this up earlier from my Wal-Mart and will unbox mine later. The motorcycle is awesome and a much-needed and welcome addition to the vehicles, the addition of the Compies and Dimorphodon hatchling is a nice bonus and the accessories Owen comes with (particularly the rifle) are all cool. Unfortunate we still keep getting re-packs of the Dinosaur Trainer Owen as opposed to new humans, but I’m hopeful this is something Mattel will remedy. It’d be awesome if for next year’s Primal Attack assortment we got an all-new line of humans to accompany the new dinosaurs. More ACU personnel and mercenaries would be a bonus.