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4K Unboxing Review: SDCC Exclusive Dennis Nedry Figure & Barbasol Can

By July 7, 2020Review

Grab your shaving cream cryo-can and buckle up, because we’re making a beeline for the East Dock in our latest 4k review! The awesome team at Mattel was kind enough to send an early review sample of the SDCC “Convention Exclusive” Dennis Nedry figure with his incredible Barabasol can display case, and we wasted no time getting it on the review table for an unboxing that has to be seen to be believed. Previously on Collect Jurassic, we previewed Nedry as well as detailed his record-setting preorder sellout on Entertainment Earth. However photos simply don’t do this limited edition Jurassic Park release justice, as the entire packaging experience includes tons of fun little details and interactivity — including lights and sounds! Of course the main event here is still Dennis Nedry himself, and this all-new 3.75″ figure does not disappoint. Along with a perfect film-accurate design, Nedry’s accessories like a miniature cryo-can of his own and shaving cream-topped pie slice drive home just how much passion Mattel has put into this year’s SDCC exclusive. Combined with the impressive Barbasol can display, this may be one of favorites Jurassic figures to date.

Check out the entire unboxing and review in the video above, presented in ultra-high definition 4K resolution for the the clearest look possible at this exciting release. Don’t forget to subscribe to our channel for more in-depth Jurassic toy reviews and news updates! And if you missed out on Entertainment Earth’s preorders of the “Convention Exclusive” Dennis Nedry, don’t despair — Collect Jurassic has future preorder details outlined here.

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  • ManeaterGustave says:

    Any idea when this is shipping? I know it says July 2020 but a set date would be nice, I’m a little tired of checking my mailbox filled with dwindling hope. My guess is the number of bot orders from scalper scum are messing with the shipping schedule.