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Exclusive: Legacy Collection ‘Escape from Isla Nublar Set’ Revealed

By June 19, 2020News

Mattel’s Jurassic World Legacy Collection is making a triumphant return very soon, and leading the charge is an amazing looking new multi-figure pack that we’re thrilled to reveal for the first time here on Collect Jurassic! If you’ve been following us on social media (Instagram, Twitter & Facebook), you saw that we first broke the news last week of a possible new Legacy Collection set on the way. Today, we’re also able to share more high definition images of this exciting release, including the packaging! We also have some great news in terms of US availability, keep scrolling for full details below.

As you can see in the first few images, the aptly named Escape from Isla Nublar set includes some very exciting figures as well as one particularly iconic accessory — the “When Dinosaurs Ruled The Earth” banner. While the banner is the only truly all-new item in the pack, there’s still plenty to be excited about when it comes to the figures themselves. The inclusion of John Hammond alone is huge, especially after all the controversy of his SDCC-exclusive version garnered last year. We won’t say we told you so, but as predicted this highly sought after figure is getting a much wider release in the form of this new multi-pack. Although he’s missing the Raptor incubator accessory, Hammond still comes with his signature Amber-topped cane. Ellie Sattler is also included here, though her figure looks to be a straight repack with no noticeable changes from the previous Legacy Collection single card release.

Now this is where things start to get really exciting: Mattel’s 3.75-inch Velociraptor being offered, for the first time, in a Jurassic Park-faithful paint deco. And there’s two of them! Since the toyline began in 2018, it seems the Attack Pack raptor toys have been released in every color under the sun — though never specifically in a style that honored the original raptor design. After the Amber Collection Jurassic Park Velociraptor, collectors were hopeful that some sort of 3.75″ version was on the way. The wait is finally over with the Escape from Isla Nublar set, with both included raptor’s looking better than ever with their true-based paint application. The eyes, the dark claws, it all looks great across both figures. The upright Attack Pack raptor as well as the crouching raptor sculpt are both being repurposed here, which brings some nice pose variation and gives collectors a chance to build up their Nublar Velociraptor packs.

Returning to the final piece in the Escape from Isla Nublar Set, the “When Dinosaurs Rule the Earth” banner is a surprising but welcome inclusion to Mattel’s toyline. Not only does it look accurate to what we see on screen, but it also appears to be made of some kind of fabric. That material is somewhat of first for Mattel Jurassic, as-is the fact that the banner is an “environmental” accessory. We’ve gotten weapons, vehicles and dino care accessories, but the famous Jurassic Park banner is the first of its kind! Undoubtedly an incredible addition to this set, but its existence could hint at some really fun future accessories as well. What appears to be strings for hanging/holding the banner are also present, which should aid in properly displaying this fantastic piece.

While the figures and accessories in this newest Legacy Collection figure pack are the main attraction, the packaging they come in is the real cherry on top. Similar to previous years, the Legacy Collection branding has merged with the year-specific toyline artwork. In this case it’s the celebrated Primal Attack design, and it along with the figures inside creates a very enticing complete package. The human and dinosaur figures are arranged nicely behind their plastic window, while the banner accessory is clearly shown as well. The layout of these multi-packs (like the previously released Baryonyx set) does a fantastic job showcasing everything inside in the most appealing way possible, both on-shelf in the store as well as at home on display.

When news first broke about a new Legacy Collection figure pack, the collecting community’s excitement was tempered by the unfortunate fact that previous Mattel Legacy Collection releases have been outright cancelled or exclusive to limited markets. Here in the US, the Target-exclusive Legacy Collection has had a bumpy ride since it first hit stores in 2018, with only one or two new releases hitting the market in the past 12 months. The possibility of future items in the collection seemed up in the air. However, we’re happy to report the Escape from Isla Nublar set is indeed on the way to US Target stores and later this summer! Be on the lookout for this Legacy Collection figure pack starting in July. Yes, that’s next month.

Jurassic collecting seems to be heating up, with both Camp Cretaceous toys hitting this month and exciting release like this one on the horizon. The Escape from Isla Nublar set proves Mattel has the desire to tap into more Legacy Collection toys aimed at collectors, and we’re excited to see what comes next. Huge thank you to Tom (InstagramTwitter) for helping uncover John Hammond’s return to the toy aisle!

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  • the 157393th T. rex so far says:

    What a rush of nostalgia for all JP fans! this set comes with 6 pieces: 2 raptors in different poses, Ellie Sattler, John Hammond and his cane, and the iconic banner titled “When DInosaurs Ruled the Earth”! this set is a must for any JP fan by far, and goes great when paired with Alan Grant, the Robert Muldoon story pack, and the Primal Attack Extreme Chompin’ T. rex! the 2 raptors are faithful to the first movie, and while neither of them are “The Big One” (who comes in the hard-to-find Robert Muldoon Story Pack) they make for a great display or an epic battle in the imagination when you have Ellie Sattler and John Hammond running for their lives from two deadly Velociraptors! As I said before, a T. rex really completes the scene, along with Alan Grant and Ian Malcom. And while John Hammond and Ian Malcolm never had to face up against the Velociraptors, you can have them coming to the rescue in jeep 18! Overall, it’s a great set, and while not completing the scene, makes for a good toy that is going to really create Jurassic Park come alive!

  • I’m glad that Hammond became available again, I’ve started seeing sets at Targets up to three or four on shelves at a time here around the KC area. I like the raptors well enough, the Ellie face details are not great on any I saw on the shelf, but I already had her single card release which looks fine. The inclusion of Hammond in this saved me from having to pay the ebay prices, and the included soft good banner with the set has me hoping for a release of a playset, and hopefully we will see Lex and Tim released perhaps with a future vehicle release of the Ford Explorer 04 Tour Vehicle.

  • Christopher Duffy says:

    This a really good approach for the Mattel Legacy Collection. Now, what Mattel needs to focus on are playset carrying cases that represent the 90’s nostalgia of Jurassic Park. More brand new sculpted human figure packs with various dinosaurs ?. The Visitor Center could be a folding playset that could benefit to adult collectors and kids . Something durable but is loaded with iconic sculpts and molds. Maybe with some detailed decals that can be applied for all collectors.

  • Jack Crews says:

    As promising as this set looks, I’m not the biggest fan of how the crouching raptor sculpt was used for one of the raptors included. You COULD possibly use that to recreate the pose one of the 2 raptors from the iconic kitchen stalking scene (the one that jumped onto the table) assumed at one point, but even then, raptors have rarely been seen in such a position in the movies. I would’ve replaced that mold with the mold used for the Attack Pack ‘Charlie’ (which kinda looked more like Delta in terms of the base shade of green utilized, all things considered), as you’d at least get some variation in the positioning of the legs whilst still maintaining the pose that suits the raptors incredibly well!

  • Is there a way to pre-order Escape from Nublar

  • Erik says:

    Can’t wait to pick this up. I’m especially excited to finally be getting Hammond, though the lack of the Raptor incubator is disappointing. Should’ve had Tim and Lex instead of a re-packed Ellie, which seems really random. In any event, I’ll be happy to add this to my collection.