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Camp Cretaceous Bumpy the Ankylosaurus & Friends 4K Review

By June 17, 2020Review

Bumpy has arrived! In the past few weeks, our 4K Unboxing & Review videos focused on some the most ferocious new Mattel toys from the upcoming Netflix series Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous. For our next video, we’re taking an adorable detour through the park to review the much-coveted Bumpy the Ankylosaurus Attack Pack figure. Joining Bumpy are new versions of previously released Velociraptor and Mussaurus, with each toy sporting a flashy paint application that sets them apart from what came before. In the video, we’ll also take a closer look at this particular raptor sculpt as there are some notable difference in the mold from most Attack Pack raptors. Of course, the literal star of the show here is still Bumpy! Get up close and personal with Camp Cretaceous’s Baby Yoda-contender in toy form, from the eye-catching packaging to the delightful articulation on this truly unique Attack Pack figure.

Watch the full unboxing and review of each toy in the video, presented in crisp 4K resolution. If you’re enjoying Collect Jurassic’s Camp Cretaceous review series on YouTube, be sure subscribe to our channel for more of the latest Jurassic collecting content!

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  • Anonymous says:

    Ankylosaurus bumpy
    Ankylosaurus rigidity

  • Gooper Blooper says:

    Bumpy’s a must-have! Obvious star of the show here since it’s the only new mold, but it’s cute. Reminds me of the Hatch N Play figures – I wonder how well the baby Triceratops from that line would scale next to it.

    The repaints I can take or leave since they’re just repaints, but the Mussaurus looks like an improvement and the raptor stands out even amongst the multitude of other raptor figures we’ve gotten thanks to the unique colors and Charlie legs.