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Battle Damage Plesiosaurus 4K Unboxing & Review

By May 24, 2019Review

It’s not a hoax! Nessie is real, at least as far as Mattel’s Battle Damage Plesiosaurus figure is concerned. With our next Video Feature, Tim spotlights yet another long-awaited Mattel Jurassic figure that thus far has been hard to come by for most collectors. After yesterday’s Destroy ‘N Devour Indominus Rex review, we’re changing habitats and heading out to sea to cover this excellent addition to the Mattel Jurassic roster.

As many collectors already know, Battle Damage is considered a Walmart exclusive toyline here in the US. It exists outside of 2019’s Dino Rivals, which themselves have enjoyed a steady release here in the new year. Battle Damage availability, on the other hand, has continued to consist of the same figures as last year on Walmart shelves. Newer toys like the Plesiosaurs and Pteranodon redeco have yet to hit stateside, instead showing up internationally in countries like Italy, Mexico, Brazil and Guatemala. When they’ll hit US shelves is anyone’s guess, so until then enjoy our unboxing and review of the Plesiosaurus figure presented in ultra 4K definition. Subscribe to Collect Jurassic on YouTube and we’ll keep providing you with the latest on hard-to-find Jurassic toys and collectibles!


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  • says: Hy there, an foremostoblation
    Are you in?

  • Gooper Blooper says:

    Oh man, this looks even better than I expected. That neck articulation is top notch. And I think this tops the Savage Strike version for having the front flippers be posable instead of tied to an action feature. The only problem is how slow my Walmart is to stock new Jurassic stuff – they haven’t gotten in anything new since Dimetrodon and Tapejara, so I’ve been stuck waiting for Amazon to fulfill my preorders. They’re claiming everything I ordered will be shipped in June, so… we’ll see.

  • Erik says:

    Another awesome toy for this line. Good review. Hope this hits the U.S. soon as I definitely want it for my collection.