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Cantina Chatter Podcast Hosts Us for Battle of the Rexes

By May 1, 2019Site Announcement

May the best T-Rex win! It’s Tim here, and I’ve returned to the Cantina Chatter podcast for its final Jurassic episode with  Victoria of Victoria’s Cantina (TwitterInstagramYouTube). We had a blast comparing each of the incredible Mattel rex figures, and as usual diving deep into all of the Jurassic toy releases, news and rumors. If you love this sort of content are sad to hear that the podcast will no longer be covering Jurassic Park and World collecting, do not despair! Cantina Chatter podcast will live on, but something has survived…

Listen at one of the links below:

Cantina Chatter Podcast (YouTube)

Cantina Chatter Podcast (iTunes)