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Jurassic World Roars Strong in Mattel’s Quarterly Earnings

By April 30, 2019News

By all indications, Jurassic World toys continue to be a huge sales driver for Mattel. The company recently released first quarter financial results for 2019, noting growth that was primarily driven by their Action Figures/Building Sets/Games category. Jurassic World was specifically highlighted in this section, signifying the brand’s lasting impact on toy sales for Mattel.

This earnings release sent Mattel’s stock climbing and already has financial analysts feeling more optimistic about the toy industry’s health as a whole in the wake of Toys ‘R’ Us’ North American closure. This is excellent news for all toy collectors, and here at Collect Jurassic we’re excited that Mattel recognizes Jurassic’s continued potential as an evergreen toyline. While the toys are occupying a smaller footprint in stores for the time being, we’re expecting big things from Mattel’s Jurassic World toys going forward well into the next movie’s release.

Sources: Mattel, CNCBC

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  • Are they still making anymore Mattel Jurassic World Toys?

  • Erik says:

    Awesome news to hear. It’s an excellent toyline and Mattel’s success with it was both deserved and earned. I’m very excited and eager for the remainder of the Dino Rivals line to come out along with the next movie’s toyline. As I’ve said before, Mattel is probably just at the tip of the iceberg with this license and how well they’ve treated it. Very happy to hear it was a massive success for them.