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“Top Secret” Unboxing: Jurassic World Captivz from ToyMonster

By April 28, 2021Review

What’s inside this Jurassic World Camp Cretaceous Captivz “Top Secret” Box from ToyMonster? Dinosaur eggs, of course! Each of these slime-filled eggs contains one of 15 different mystery figures, including Bumpy the Ankylosaurus and Carnotaurus ‘Toro’. Highly detailed paint applications compliment screen-accurate designs for a killer Jurassic toy (or collectible) assortment. In our 4K unboxing we’ll be cracking open a half-dozen dino eggs and doing a quick review of each surprise figure — while comparing to the “Original Edition” versions that preceded this release. Watch the full video above for more details and look for Jurassic World Captivz by ToyMonster in US stores like Miejer/Kroger now and additional retailers throughout 2021.

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