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New Ocean Protector Mosasaurus Toy Coming to Mattel’s Dino Escape

By April 22, 2021News

Presenting the Ocean Protector Mosasaurus! It’s more than meets the eye — what looks like a simple Mattel re-release actually sports some interesting details. A button on the figure appears to be tied to an action feature, possibly something with the jointed tail? Watch the full video above for more details including the dual meaning of “Ocean Protector”! It’s pretty nifty. White shark not included.

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  • Anonymous says:

    When is it going to be released

  • the 157393th T. rex so far says:

    The Mosasaurus, ah yes. it’s almost the punchline of a joke that it has 1 toy, but is such a popular JW creature. looks like they’re changing it up. I wonder how many children will try to justify their parents buying it because it’s made from ocean plastic (which don’t get me wrong, it’s a great idea, but it seems like another way to get money on Mattel’s part). still, I like the different shade of blue for this new one. to me, it looks like the tail is segmented; possibly it could be like the Bite n’ Fight T. rex in that its mouth can chomp and its tail can slap. it might have the primal attack tail where moving the tail controls the head. maybe it controls the fins, or maybe it’s following tradition in that it moves the jaw, as the head looks static. but who knows? for now, it remains to be discovered.

  • Anonymous says:

    I think collect jurassic should make more new mattel figures like the new mattel spinoraptor figure and a new mattel super colossal indoraptor and new mattel indominus rex with new diffrent capture gear and a new mattel indoraptor with new and different capture gear and the new mattel super colossal baryonyx and the new mattel super colossal spinosaurus and the new mattel ben and ankylosaurus bumpy and carnotasurus toro set and the new mattel mosoaurus with new and different capture gear and the new mattel bioluminesent parasaurolophus with new and different capture gear and the new mattel dino escape indominus rex vs t rex and blue the velociraptor and the new mattel dino escape camouflage indominus rex and the new dino escape spinosaurus with boat and a person set and the new indominus rex sibling adult with slashin’n bite crunching set and the new albino and a pink lined marking pounce’n rage indoraptor figure please.

  • Gooper Blooper says:

    This looks great. I noticed how odd it was that despite the Mosasaurus’ popularity, Mattel only ever released the one figure and didn’t try to do anything else with the species in the main line. Finally a new one.

    A question has come to my mind: With these toy reveals… how do they happen? The new photos just seem to materialize from nowhere – I never see a source before the Jurassic collecting sites start showing them off. Mattel’s official Twitter didn’t announce the new Mosa, for instance. Who’s releasing these images of upcoming figures? Do they send the photos directly to you or do you have to find them somehow?

    • Bob J. says:

      My guess is that toy companies like Mattel leak these to influencers (like the good folks who run Collect Jurassic). It makes it feel like “exclusive leaks” to the readers, when it’s mostly an extension of the corporate-approved marketing campaigns. That’s my guess, at least. And I’m fine with it. It’s clever, actually.

  • Erik says:

    The color scheme on this one looks a bit more movie-accurate as does the sculpt which seems to be a bit more refined from the initial version. I’ll gladly pick this one up.

  • Anonymous says:

    I have came up with an idea thay should make a indoraptor amber collection or a super colossal indoraptor

    • Anonymous says:

      Yeah I think he should make the new super colossal indoraptor too. And the new reveal of the new super colossal gigantosaurus and the other reveals for the new spinoraptor mattel figure and the new mattel titanoboa figure and the new mattel super colossal baryonyx and a new indominus rex with capture gear and new mattel indoraptor with new diffrent capture gear.

  • Riley says:

    Omg that looks so cool!

  • Anonymous says:

    On the top there is something that looks like a Button and I think it my move the flippers and the tale