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Giganotosaurus VS T-Rex — Dominion Super Colossal Toy Unboxing

By April 25, 2022Review

A super-predator showdown 65 million years in the making! Opening in theaters this June, Jurassic World Dominion is pitting the franchise’s celebrated dino hero T-Rex against an all-new challenger: the terrifyingly massive Giganotosaurus. But how do the toy versions stack up to one another? In our latest unboxing and review, we’re ripping open both of Mattel’s suitably titled “Super Colossal” figures of these ferocious foes. These 3-foot+ long toys certainly make for impressively sized collectibles, while featuring great sculpt details and fun play features to boot. Watch the full video above for in-depth impressions, comparisons to other Super Colossal figures and more — then let us know in the comments which is your Jurassic winner.

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  • STARSAURS158 says:

    I have a couple of comments…

    (1.) I feel as though they spend too much money on the packaging and not enough on the actual dinosaurs.
    (2.) No one knows what boy dinosaur parts looked like, so instead of making it look awkward, they just decided to make it simple and make them all female. I like to think that indoraptor is a male, but no way to tell for sure.
    (3.) That baton in the release n’ rampage pack is actually a taser of some sort. When the pyroraptor goes for Owen and Kayla, she turns on a taser of some sort, and it looks a lot like the baton.

  • DinoSeth says:

    Hey Collect Jurassic , could I ask a question involving possible new Jurassic World Merchandise ?