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Sneak-Peek at Barbasol’s Limited Edition Dominion Shaving Cream Cans

By April 25, 2022Feature

There may not be enough coolant inside for thirty-six hours, but these new Jurassic World Dominion shaving cream cans would still do Dodgson proud! In this Special Feature unboxing, we’re unsealing a mysterious “evidence” box sent our way via the kind folks at Barabasol for an exclusive preview of each limited edition can. With official artwork from the upcoming film, this latest tie-in follows up on Jurassic World and Fallen Kingdom’s official can collections with more designs than ever. Each can features either T-Rex, Pyroraptor, Dilophosaurus or Velociraptor Blue/Beta across various shaving creams sizes for both Original, Soothing Aloe and Sensitive Skin. Watch the full video above for a 4K sneak-peek at the full Jurassic World Dominion Barbasol Shaving Cream limited edition can collection!

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