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Attack Pack Toy Showdown: Unboxed & Reviewed in 4K

By April 20, 2021Review

Attack of the… Attack Packs? Our next Jurassic World Toy Showdown has arrived, and we’re unboxing the latest releases in Mattel’s basic figure assortment: Proceratosaurus and Coelurus. We’ll review each dino in crisp 4K resolution, alongside comparisons to previous versions of each toy. Watch the full video above and let us know your favorite Attack Pack figure in the comments.

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  • Gooper Blooper says:

    Does anyone else like Attack Packs more than Savage Strikes/Battle Damage? I find the articulation and simple, solid construction of Attack Packs to be more fun than the weirder articulation of the “deluxe” $10 figures. By that I mean, I’ve noticed issues where legs don’t have the range of motion you’d expect, or the joints are weak and the figure can’t stand up. Battle Damage Monolophosaurus and all versions of Pachycephalosaurus are two examples of what I mean. Attack Packs are very reliable in comparison, the joints are always tight and limbs move as far as the body allows instead of having a stopper on the inside to prevent full motion. Being able to pose the heads and jaws is good too. I do still like the $10 options, but I think the $8 ones are overall better figures.

    The Plesiosaurus in all its forms is an exception, though. That one is easily my favorite $10 JW figure. Tons of articulation and smooth joints.