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Dino Rivals 6 Inch Figures Unboxed & Reviewed in 4K

By April 14, 2019Review

Did you know Mattel’s 6 inch Jurassic World figures were out? No, not those 6 inch figures, but a budget Dino Rivals toyline of star dinosaurs and Owen Grady himself. In this Video Feature, Tim provides an in-depth look at each toy in this assortment along with comparisons with other Mattel figures in terms of scale and detail.

Overall, this dinosaurs themselves offer basic articulation and paint schemes along with curiously exaggerated proportions—oversized heads and feet, even more so than other Mattel dinosaur molds. On the other hand, Owen’s figure feels a step above the others in terms of quality. Featuring some unexpected articulation and excellent facial detail, this 6 inch version of Owen looks almost perfect next to Mattel’s Super Colossal T. Rex.

While a 6 inch budget scale is certainly a nice price point for Jurassic toys, some collector’s will undoubtedly look down on this line’s wacky scale and lower-quality paint applications. What about you, will you be tracking these down for their sheer novelty or is it a hard pass? Subscribe to Collect Jurassic on YouTube and let us know in the comments under the video.

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  • Erik says:

    Been looking for these where I live but yet to find any. Definitely want to score them for sure.