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Nedry & Dilophosaurus Unboxed in New Legacy Collection Set

By April 12, 2021Review

Dennis Nedry faces off with the deadly Dilophosaurus in our next Jurassic World Toy Showdown! In this latest entry, we’re unboxing and reviewing the new Mattel Legacy Collection Dennis Nedry Escape Pack in ultra-high definition resolution. While we’re more than a little disappointed in the missing red stripe on the Jeep, there’s still a lot to love here like the new soft-top add-on and some solid figures to complete the scene. Watch the full video above for our take on this just-released Legacy Collection set.

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  • Liam-Rex says:

    Thank you for helping!my birthday is coming up and this really helps!

  • Christopher Duffy says:

    This is an awesome final product design of Mattel’s creativeness. Very movie accurate. I hope that this product won’t be difficult to purchase via Target online in the USA ??. I haven’t seen much of any restock. Keeping my fingers crossed ?.

  • Gooper Blooper says:

    The missing stripe honestly isn’t a big deal for me, it makes the car look a little naked but whatever. My issue here is that none of this stuff is all that new. I already have an Attack Pack Dilopho, a jeep from another set (the net-launching one), and I managed to get the Costa Rica Nedry by some miracle (and I’ve got the Amber Collection Nedry as well), so I kind of, sort of already have everything this set is selling except the stick. I’m glad they’re making more Nedrys for people who missed out on the exclusive one, though.

    I gotta laugh that there was all that fuss about the stripe but here it is in the collection anyway. That’ll teach Mattel! But no, I understand, speaking as someone who is a huge Pokemon fan and who wants the main series games to do better but buys every new installment regardless. Fans gotta be fans, man.