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Final Sample of Battle Damage Plesiosaurus Surfaces

By February 13, 2019News

The New York Toy Fair hasn’t even begun, and we’re already getting a “reveal” of sorts: the upcoming Battle Damage Plesiosaurus in its final form, including the product packaging. This latest image again comes from Britt Shots, Mattel’s Marketing Manager for Jurassic World (she has affectionately nicknamed here Peggy). As with previous final sample photos she’s shared, this stage in the figure’s production indicates it will be released in stores soon enough! The Battle Damage line remains exclusive to Wal-Mart stores here in the US, but internationally they are available at several other retail outlets. Looks like Mosasaurus will finally have some company pool!

Ready for more new Mattel Jurassic dinos? Come back and check Collect Jurassic this weekend during the New York Toy Fair, where we’ll be posting daily updates on InstagramTwitterFacebookYouTube and here on the website.

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  • Xylan says:

    I want battle damage celophysis and troodon and gorgosaurus too and savage strike allosaurus, Fabrosaurus , Brachiosaurusa pkease.

  • Erik says:

    Another winner from Mattel for sure. Looks amazing and can’t wait to have this alongside my Mosasaurus. Hope we get other underwater reptiles as well such as an Elasmosaurus, Tylosaurus, Ichthyosaur and Liopleurodon (the latter of which would be absolutey colossal in size with how large the animal was in real-life, and probably be even larger than the Mosasaurus). A Megalodon would be cool as well. I’m sure these’ll all see toy form from Mattel sooner or later.