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Kenner’s Jurassic Park Remastered: ‘Retro Revival’ Dimetrodon by Justin Caldera

By December 16, 2021Review

The mythical golden age of Jurassic toys is arguably the mid 1990’s, with Kenner’s expansive toyline laying the foundation for Jurassic merchandising for decades to come. While Mattel’s modern Jurassic World offerings are certainly popular, those classic Jurassic Park dinosaur and human figures from 20+ years ago still have a lasting appeal. An ambitious project from the insanely talented Justin Caldera (@jurassicjustin) looks to bridge the gap between those precious vintage toy memories and contemporary collectible expectations with the debut of the ‘Retro Revival’ series. The first entry into this 3D-printed, hand-painted premium figure lineup is the Dimetrodon – a Kenner Jurassic Park staple from all the way back in 1993. Caledera’s modern reimagining of this celebrated toy design is simply incredible, featuring intricately constructed packaging, expansive articulation, and a super-detailed paint application that elevate this unique piece above the standard “custom” designation. But don’t just take our word for it, watch the full unboxing and in-depth review presented in ultra-HD 4K resolution in the video above for a closer look at this Jurassic masterpiece.

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