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All-New Savage Strike Sauropelta 4K Review

By December 9, 2019Review

In our latest video review, we take a closer look at one of the truly all-new Savage Strike figures coming our way from Mattel: Sauropelta. While the first wave of Savage Strike figures under the Primal Attack banner mainly consists repacks and repaints, Sauropelta is a refreshingly new sculpt and brings another herbivore to the lineup. That’s worth noting when most of Mattel’s lineup to this point is made up of the arguably more popular carnivore species, so we’re welcoming this spikey toy with open arms! Sauropelta’s paint deco certainly pops on the figure, as do the signature horns (which we’re happy to report are mostly molded plastic and therefore not painted and prone to scratches).  However, the actual “Savage Strike” action of on the toy is a tad underwhelming and hard to activate, as illustrated on film in the video. Besides that lackluster action feature, the Sauropelta’s overall aesthetic and articulation make for a solid dinosaur action figure and a welcome addition to the Mattel Jurassic menagerie. Watch our in-depth unboxing and full review in the video above for more!

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  • Gooper Blooper says:

    This just went up for preorder on Amazon, and they’re claiming the one I just bought will be coming late next week. Got my green Dracorex last week, Ornitholestes came in yesterday and Callovosaurus was shipped yesterday and is claiming to be delivered today. The newest wave is truly upon us!